Dream catcher vs. Dream crusher

Thank you for an overwhelming response on Facebook. All this is kind of scary; I guess it’s good to do scary things once in a while. I must warn you not to have high expectations; I definitely don’t consider myself a professional blogger and my English is just average. So if you don’t mind a lack of fancy words and syntax or punctuation errors, we should be fine.

My husband just walked passed me, read the first line and said “You didn’t get an overwhelming response, relax!”

See he’s my dream crusher, in a good way. He keeps me grounded and real. I like to think that I’m a very positive person and that I look to see the good side of everything. I believe that anyone can do anything and I believe in dreaming big. He, on the other hand, says I live in a fairy tale world that comes from watching too many Disney princess movies.

Today we lost our car in the Montreal mega flood. When he called me to tell me the news my reaction was “its ok, maybe something better will come our way “and then the reality of it hit me “Oh no! Your mothers Tupperwares were in there!”

So why am I writing this blog? I’m not really sure yet. Those who know me know that I talk a lot. Yes I’m self aware! My job consists of giving lectures for hours and hours and that usually takes care of emptying me out. But now I’m on maternity leave…and have been for 2 years. I spend my days with very young children and there’s only so much of my talking that my husband can handle. Poor guy comes home from work tired and has to hear me. During hockey games, I wait for the commercial break to talk. All my children learn to talk quickly and it’s not because they’re smarter than the average child. It’s because they live with me and I just don’t stop. Our 4 year old talks a lot… I mean a lot and I’m the one to blame.

Here I can talk all I want.

So thank you for your response that was good but not overwhelming 🙂


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