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Chicken Boobs: daily realities.

What’s these kids’ obsession with lifting up shirts and poking belly buttons ? Sure it’s cute, but these kids have no boundaries. They don’t understand that it might be ok when
we’re home playing on the couch, but when we’re in public mama doesn’t want the world to see her new 3 x baby belly. My poor belly button who use to be a inny has been so stretched and pushed during three pregnancies that it’s lost in it’s identity and has now found itself to be an outy that’s inside.
I have a girlfriend who has a belly button like that and when we were younger I would always tell her how I thought it was super sexy. So life plays this funny joke on me and flips my belly button inside out and then adds three kids poking at it daily just to remind me to just be grateful for what i have, because now I have the outty inny and there’s nothing sexy about it!
As thin as I get, as much weight as I loose post pregnancy, my body will maintain proof of motherhood. I have to embrace this. Just like war scars. It makes us who we are, signs of life, adventure, wisdom…
I’m just trying to convince myself here.
Who are we kidding. It’s bye bye bikini forever….
Then again, why would I be afraid of a bikini on the beach when my children have exposed me in clinic waiting rooms, at school, in restaurants and everywhere else we go. ” Why do you let them?” One might ask. I know better than to resist the shirt lift. If you stop them they’ll go straight for the bra. You’re sitting there talking to someone while your child is pulling down your shirt looking for your bra and then putts their hands right in there. Right in the middle, and then they wiggle their hands to get more depth, to get really deep in there. I think they like the heat, like baby chicks under their mommy chicken.
And we just sit there carrying on the conversation like normal with an exposed belly and little hands down our shirts. And we’re afraid of bikinis…pffft!


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Working Mom or Stay at Home Mom: which one is harder?

How dare I compare?
Stay at home mom or working mom? Which one is harder? Well I’ve been a stay at home mom for the past 3 years and now I’m back at work. So I’ll reflect on my own experience and state: Are you kidding me??! I would drop this working mom business and go back to being a stay at home mom in a blink of an eye… If I could.
Sure taking care of a household and kids is a full time job, but working full time and taking care of a household and kids is TWO full time jobs!
I’m popping vitamins and chugging caffein just to stay ahead of the game. You should’ve seen me with the laundry today, looked like I was on speed. Folded 7 laundry baskets of little girl clothes, sorted, separated, matched and set. My eyes are hurting from all the pink!
Ever since I’ve been back to work my world has been a spinning disaster . Maybe I’m the problem but unless your job is a full time mattress tester there’s no debate.
It would be an honour to be home and serve my family by being available for them.
I wish I could be both. A working stay at home mom.
I’m sure I’m stirring up trouble ….
What do you think?



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