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You are so much more than what you long to be.

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You are the Cre…

You are the Creator of your own experience.
Take control.

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June 27, 2013 · 3:03 am

A licking question

Do your children also lick something they find really cute ? Is this normal behaviour? They lick the screen of the phone all the time because of Ginger the talking cat who fluffs up real nice after you blow dry it!
Anyone know what I’m talking about?




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Our new pet

Jack found a bug in the house and kept it in an empty baby food jar.

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Parents will find absolutely nothing wrong with this picture.


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June 27, 2013 · 12:25 am

Once I dive in,…

Once I dive in, I dive in all the way.

– Carly Fiorina

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June 26, 2013 · 2:56 pm

A Happy Parenting Secret: How to deal with a toddler’s bed time tantrums.

Lately A2’s been throwing bed time tantrums. She’s almost 2 now. She decides she wants to go to bed, grabs her pacifier, blanket and bottle, does her rounds, says good night to everyone in the house, goes up the stairs and willing goes into her crib. All seems well … until we leave the room.

I’m sitting on a rocking chair, in the hallway, right outside A2’s bedroom where she can see me.

She’s standing up in her crib yelling. She just threw her pacifier, bottle and blanket out.

A2: “Mommmmmmmmmmy!”

Me: “Mommy’s here.”

I just got up, and handed her the pacifier and blanket. She reached out her arms “Please! Please!” and she’s crying really hard. I went back to my chair.

“Mommy’s here” is all I keep repeating.

I’m trying this technique I was taught when A1 was throwing bed time tantrums a few years ago. It worked back then with her, now I’m hoping it will work on A2.

I was told by a family member who is the principal of a daycare, to sit outside her room where she could see me. Make sure you’re not IN her room, she specified. So back then I set up the rocking chair outside A1’s room and I would sit there for 30 to 40 minutes every day until she fell asleep. I was pregnant with A2 then. I loved that time on that chair. If something needed to be done during the day I would leave it for “chair time”, I would fold the laundry, sow, even iron in that spot. Oh I just remembered how Jack would make me ginger tea for my nausea back then. And when I finished my chores, I would read. I’ve never read as much as I’ve read in this chair outside A1’s room.

Here I am, almost two years later, in the same spot.20130625-220158.jpg

It seems to have workedon A2. She’s not crying anymore, and she has her head down.

I love the chair time because you’re on duty but it’s still “me” time.  I’m so happy to be sitting here again. I guess this is where I’ll be blogging from now on.

Now that the Stanley Cup has been won and there’s no more Hockey I was worried about when I’ll have  the chance to blog…but everything worked out.

She’s fallen asleep.

Most of the time I question my parenting skills and wonder if I’m doing the right thing, but it feels so good when I know I’ve done something right.

I’m really happy to be on the chair again, I had forgotten how great it was.

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Julie vs Jack

Julie : “I think I married an idiot”

Jack: “I think we both married idiots”

Julie: “You’re probably right.”

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The Real Reason Kids sleep with some light on.

Kids sleep with light on. Why?

When they’re very young they’re not even afraid of the dark yet. And it’s not like the young ones are getting up to go to the bathroom at night or anything. Why do they sleep with the light on?

The real reason kids sleep with some light on is so that you can see them well when you watch them seep.

So you can clearly see them and wonder where the heck they came from?

So you can clearly see their features and wonder, who exactly do they look like?

So you can clearly see how tall they’ve gotten and wonder where time went?

So you can stand there staring at them wondering how you ever kept busy before having children and wonder what the heck you’ll do to keep busy once they’re all grown up.

They’ll grow up and never truly understand or return the love.

Until they have their own. Then, they’ll understand how they’ve been loved, they will love and their children will do the same to them.

Water flows down, just as love flows down from one generation to the other.

So when your toddler or baby is calling for you…no matter how tired you are, no matter what time of the night it is and no matter how many times you’ve already gotten up…embrace it. Enjoy it. Soon enough, they’ll stop calling.


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Graduation season makes us realize how fast time is flying by. You start seeing time in a different perspective once you have kids. They’re a great reminder of “Be in the moment” and “enjoy it”.

Kids and pets will constantly remind you to be in the moment.

And it’s truly to our advantage to be, the past is gone and the future is still just a thought, so unless you want to live in imaginary world the now is the only choice you have.

Live in the now..bla bla bla, we’ve all heard it before. But are we listening…no. What are we waiting for?

I’ve been making huge efforts lately to be in the now. It’s not easy. I’m constantly overwhelmed with 3000 thoughts at a time and to ignore it all to feel the moment is hard, but oh so worth it.

When I have trouble concentrating I imagine the moment in a bigger perspective. Kind of hard to explain, I just tried phrasing an explanation five times. It’s not working.

I’ll have to take some time and write a different post about the moment in a bigger perspective.

Stay Tuned.

Dream big.

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So much for no food in the “proper” living room.


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June 23, 2013 · 11:01 am


A2 draws on the wall.

That wall was already ruined 5 years ago when A1 drew all over it. They can draw all they want I’ll have them paint my house when they become teenagers.

“How do you not freak out?” many ask.

Freak out? Yell? Get angry? Cry?

The world will give you real reasons for all that, but your child taking a crayon and drawing on the wall is not a reason to lose yourself.

Children will learn to read and write in school, the only thing you can ever really teach them is self-control.

If I flip out because they drew on the walls, covered the furniture in stickers or ruined the wood floors by riding tricycles in the house then how will I keep my cool when my daughter is trying to sneak in at 6 am in about 15 years or even worse, when she tells me she is pregnant before being married.

When I told my father I was pregnant before being married, he said: “Blessed art thou among women” and then he said “ I need a nap”

And blessed I was…


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I put chicken on the grocery list. Jack bought some chicken.

We threw it in the freezer. A couple of weeks later my mom came over and I was wondering what I should make for dinner.

“You have chicken in the freezer, take it out to thaw, let me do it” she said. And so she did.

That same day, she went home cooked up a storm and sent us containers of food.

That evening we ate.

The chicken stayed in the fridge.

The next day, my mother in law sent us food. So again, the chicken stayed in the fridge.

The day after that, my mother came over again.

“The chicken is still here? You can’t keep it like this. You should at least marinate it. Let me do it” and so she did.

The day after that, we went over to my mom’s for supper. Yesterday my mother in law sent food with my sister in law and today….

Today my mother came over with a container of food; she opened the fridge and said “The chicken is still here? You can’t keep it like this, you should at least sautee it, let me do it” and so she did.

It’s now 10:55 pm and I’m finally having supper while I write this post.


If I have so much help and I’m having supper at this time I can only imagine how the moms feel who don’t have any help at all. Today I want to congratulate these mothers for everything they do for their families, give them the recognition they deserve and let them know that THEY are supermoms.

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Before- After


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June 11, 2013 · 1:23 am

Wiggle of a nose

The kids are asleep and I throw myself on the couch with a sigh!

I can’t help but to look around. There are toys everywhere! Everywhere!

It would take a grown adult strategy, calculations and planning to efficiently place each toy so that every square inch of the house could be covered. But children are naturally gifted at this.

Pfft…there’s no way… you might be thinking. How many toys can one have?

Think again! Aside from regular toys, a deck of cards, a few puzzles, crayon boxes and a memory game can go a loooooooooong way!!!

We pick up the same toys every single day. The same pieces, every singles day. We know which puzzle piece goes in which box only by seeing the back of the piece. It’s become second nature to us.

Can I put this as a competence on my resume?

Sometimes I don’t even have the energy to clean up. So I just leave it. But I know it’s waiting for me…

Calling my name… Juuuuuulie.

I wish I could just wiggle my nose and have it all clean. (Bewitched, for the youth who don’t know…)

The toys are just one aspect of it all. One day means 3 meals for 5 people. You’ve got to see what the sink looks like by the end of a day. It will be midnight by the time I’m done cleaning.

It’s ok. I’ll sleep when I’m old.


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This Is what happens when you try to have a cup of coffee with 3 kids around. That’s my coffee mug it’s been tossed over the balcony. Thanks kids.


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June 10, 2013 · 12:21 pm

Being a mom means having foot injuries from stepping on these little suckers



June 8, 2013 · 12:13 pm

Hello Titty

I can hear my phone ringing. Where is it?

Quick! I’m going to miss the call.

I get up following the sound. I listen to the right, I listen to the left. It sounds the same! Oh! It sounds like it’s coming from the toys. I start digging in the toy chest, throwing the toys over my head. A2 would’ve loved to see this, she probably would’ve thought it was a fun game and joined right in.

Suddenly the sound is now coming from behind me. What the???

I turn around; it’s on the floor somewhere. I’m on all fours at this point. I feel like a phone sniffing dog. Phone is still ringing. Ok sounds like it’s under that little hello Kitty purse. (Or hello “Titty” as A2 calls it)


Hunh? Ohhhhh it’s IN the hello kitty purse!

I answer.


I missed the call.



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