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Hello Titty

I can hear my phone ringing. Where is it?

Quick! I’m going to miss the call.

I get up following the sound. I listen to the right, I listen to the left. It sounds the same! Oh! It sounds like it’s coming from the toys. I start digging in the toy chest, throwing the toys over my head. A2 would’ve loved to see this, she probably would’ve thought it was a fun game and joined right in.

Suddenly the sound is now coming from behind me. What the???

I turn around; it’s on the floor somewhere. I’m on all fours at this point. I feel like a phone sniffing dog. Phone is still ringing. Ok sounds like it’s under that little hello Kitty purse. (Or hello “Titty” as A2 calls it)


Hunh? Ohhhhh it’s IN the hello kitty purse!

I answer.


I missed the call.




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