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A Seagull in the Garbage

It’s 8 am and I didn’t sleep for more than 45 minutes straight tonight. It was one of these nights where A3’s regular every two hour feedings woke up A2 who threw a fit and woke up A1. At about 3:40 am this morning all three were crying.

Yes A3 is 8 months old and still wakes up every two hours. How come? I don’t know. To make sure I’m a sleepless mother of three. A2 wasn’t like this. Each child is completely different. The way they eat or sleep has really nothing to do with the way you raise them. I’ve raised all three the same, yet A1 won’t eat anything unless you are very persuasive or the food is pink while A2 will steal your sandwich if you look away, like some kind of starving seagull.

Exhausted to the core, I’ve never been this tired in my entire life. I’ll rest when I’m old, I figure. They’re bound to grow up, eat, drink and poop on their own…I suppose. How do moms do it? We just do it! We don’t think about it too much, we just do what needs to be done. It is completely useless to sulk on the negative and concentrate on your fatigue. The more you think about it, the more of a presence it has in your life. I try to take it like a one shot super long shift of a job that I love.

The worst is when you’re sick. Nausea? Vomiting? Diarrhea?  Nope! Can’t call in sick for this job. You just gotta keep doing what you’re doing and tough it out. Sit on that toilet and tell a story at the same time! Hold back your nausea while feeding them and if you get really dizzy push a few toys off the couch, lie down and call out their names one by one just to make sure that one of them hasn’t figured out a way to open the front door and isn’t already playing in your garbage that’s out on the street.

Take a guess!! Which one do you think did that…A2 of course!


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I see you’ve been initiated to the clan.

This little doll just arrived, still in her initial box and she’s already been drawn on.


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It’s Now or Never!

One thing I can say I’m good at, is managing to get all of them to nap at once. A1 will fight it and if she can come up with a reasonable argument I let her have it her way.

“I don’t want to nap, please! I’ll quietly watch a movie, just set up 3 cookies and cold milk for me, and I’ll leave you alone until the babies wake up”

That’s my girl.

When the two babies are put down for a nap and A1’s taken care of, Jack and I spend about 45 seconds just wandering around the house with our mouths slightly open wondering what to do, where to start? Start picking up the toys? Tackle the dishes? The laundry perhaps? It has been sitting there for over 4 days, or maybe eat something? That would be good, oh no… a shower! Yes! A shower would be awesome, but who first? Oh I have a better one, A NAP! Wait I have to go to the bathroom, I’ve been holding myself all morning. Ok you go in the shower and I’ll shower when you’re done.

Oh no, A3’s crying, you go, no you go. You go, next time I’ll go I promise. She’s wide awake she won’t sleep…Sing! Dance! Do something PLEASE! She’s not sleeping because this is not THE right pacifier! Where is it?? Downstairs? Upstairs? In the diaper bag? Oh ya! Still in the suitcase! (Because we obviously haven’t unpacked yet!) Ok got it. All this up and down has got me sweating bullets. Please Jack let me go in the shower first. A1: “MOOOOOM!! DAAAAAD!!”…SHHHHHHHH! Don’t yell your sisters are sleeping!

“I pressed something on the remote and the movie’s gone”

You go, no you go! Ok I went when A3 cried now you go!

O-K ! An hour has passed already and we haven’t done anything yet. My fatigue is giving me nausea, or maybe it’s my blood sugar dropping, I feel dizzy…I should eat something.

Ring Ring, it’s a text message.

It’s Uncle Mike from the Uncle Mike Radio Show. He’s asking if he can call me.

My reply: Call me now, I’ve got all of them napping, it’s now or never!

He calls, we talk. So he’s asking me to be on his internet radio show this Thursday 9 pm.

How do I feel about that? Jittery.

Live radio? OMG with live video streaming too?! SCARY!

What did I say? YES of course! is where you can tune in. Or The Uncle Mike Show on facebook.

Aille Aille Aille…what did I get myself into…?!

Ah! Just relax and enjoy the wave…right?

A2’s awake! Didn’t shower, didn’t nap, didn’t eat…but I talked to Uncle Mike!

See you all Thursday at 9 pm. On

Send me positive energy please!


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No time to blog, too much laundry!

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Construction week Vacation

We’re on vacation. Finally found a way to access the Internet . Technologically challenged remember..
I do have many many stories to tell, a lot can happen crammed into a van with three kids, heading to a wedding in New Jersey . The wedding? Oh ya it was great, the two out of three had a fever , my dress ripped down the middle and someone asked me when I was due!
All this said, I promised myself I wasn’t gona blog while I was on vacation. It’s good to disconnect once in a while. Will be back shortly.
Wishing all of you a great construction week .

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Two little monkeys jumping on the bed. And one mother just letting them be.


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July 10, 2013 · 1:22 pm

Take time to make YOU good. Real good.

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10 pm find.

It’s 10 pm and I’m doing what every mom is doing: picking up toys , when I find a doll with milk stains all over her face and mouth.
Doesn’t beat the time I found a doll with a mouthful of rice!


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Free summers activity: spraying the kids with the garden hose. Keep it simple.


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July 6, 2013 · 6:55 pm

I got my eye on you guys : How to get a difficult toddler to nap in the afternoon.

Its Saturday 1pm, A2’s crying hysterically standing in her crib. She has to nap so I can catch up with the things I need to do. Maybe if I’m lucky and the stars align I can sneak in a little nap or even a shower? There’s nothing wrong with being hopeful.

I just need her to nap so that I can at least catch up to the mess they’ve done. A2’s new favorite hobby is to empty drawers and closets onto the floor. Thank goodness she’s gotten over her habits involving toilet water…

I go into her room, she’s crying and has got her arms out for me… they do that just to melt your heart.

Me: Do you want to sleep with the teddy bear?

A2: NO!

Me: Do you want to sleep with the rabbit?

A2: NO!

I’m going around the room at thins point, grabbing each stuffed animal I see and showcasing it like a price is right model as I ask her..

“Do you want to sleep with the Pony?”


We went through the monkey, hello kitty, Whinny the Pooh, who are all sitting on the night stand.

No, No, No.

I get mad,

at the stuffed animals.

“Quick! Go to sleep! All of you! Everyone’s heads down!”

Sounded like a hold-up.

And I put all the stuffed animals heads down.

“ Look at how A2 is sleeping quietly, I want you all to do the same as her! You’re all gona drink your milks and then sleep just like A2!”

A2 followed and put her head down.

She’s looking at me with a big smile on her face, so proud to be in charge. She glanced over at the collection of stuffed animals who are all lying down, and points her index finger at them, then put her head down and went to sleep.

I think she meant “I got my eye on you guys”.

And I left the room.


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7 minutes of peace for 1,29$


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July 4, 2013 · 12:43 am

The Peasant and the Queen

It is not enough that there are babies everywhere in this house, but the babies have their own babies. Baby dolls, which have their own strollers, diapers, bottles, car seats, clothes, pacifiers, beds and even high chairs. A good friend of mine wanted to buy A1 a baby doll play pen… “Please don’t do that! I beg you” I said, thank goodness she listened.

Instead she bought her a treasure chest filled with different princess dresses.  A1 loves it; she puts on a princess dress the second she gets home from school.

Jack seriously voiced his concern about this today. “We have to do something, this is not normal” he said.

I’m pretty sure it’s normal, but I do agree that she needs to learn to be a little tougher. She walks around in dresses and requires us to adress her as “Queen A1”…and we do .

“Dinner is served, my Queen”

And she walks into the kitchen, wearing a tiara, walking on the tip of her toes, holding her dress up with the tip of her fingers and behind her follows wobbling A2, barefoot, with marker stains all over her face and clothes.  The Queen and the Peasant.

They both sit at the dinner table and the circus starts!

Feeding A1 requires an incredible talent of persuasion and negotiation.

Me: Ok, three more bites.

A1: No! One!

Me: Ok then, you eat all of it.

A1: No No!

Me: Then it’s three.

A1: No! Five!

Me: Five is a bigger number than three!

And we laugh together. Those really are the moments that make it all worth it.

Feeding A2 on the other hand, requires two spoons, incredible speed and a cleaning crew.

A3 is usually strapped onto me in a baby carrier during all of this. She eats after them. Feeding A3 requires a lab suit and a face mask to protect you from all the spitting, combined with a sword and shield to fight back A2 who comes with force for the baby food.

As if all of this is not enough, today we put in A1’s kindergarten graduation show’s DVD in during supper. Her graduation show, during which I had to hide my face behind A2’s head who was sitting on my lap. I was hiding because I got so emotional and  was crying non-stop, uncontrollably.  I was even crying when other kids were on stage. Graduations are truly bitter sweet. I’m gonna cry now…

So we decide to put in this DVD during supper today, you would think I had gotten it all out of my system that day…wrong! I started crying again. So today during supper time I had tears rolling down my cheeks and a quivering lip all the while negotiating with A1, chasing A2 and carrying A3.

A real Circus!

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Que sera sera, whatever will be will be

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Almost the end of Canada day and I didn’t even have a chance to think about it… The kids are finally asleep and I finally sat down, my fingers are literally shaking, my knees hurt and I have a massive migraine behind my left eye. I can’t just say nothing and make it sound like the children are responsible of this… We went out last night and came back home when the birds were singing. (Babysitting arrangements were made of course and our minds were at ease.) But one thing I’m truly a champ at is getting up a couple of hours later to my three kids, hang over free, ready to rock and roll!

I focus on my state of mind and hope my body will follow. I’ve mentioned before how difficult it is for parents to go out, because we feel as though it’s really got to be worth it. If you’re going to leave your kids, make babysitting arrangements, stay up late and miss out on precious sleep time because your children are waking up before 7 am the next day, then YOU BETTER MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A GOOD TIME!

That’s why we attack that bottle as soon as we can. So don’t go judging the party mama! If you believe in “Work hard, play hard” then that Mama should be taking shots at the end of an ice slide, chugging beers like  Frank the Tank, dancing on the speakers and doing whatever the hell she wants!!

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