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Sourp-Kevork Laval Armenian Church organizes outdoor Armenian Brunch.

Today we took the family to an Armenian outdoor brunch organized by the Sourp-Kevork Laval Armenian Church. I had seen a flyer and thought to myself, one less meal to figure out, outdoor event, space for the kids to run wild and a food break for me…I’m in!

When we got there, we parked further away because A2 loves to walk to places, so we park the car far and she can feel like we walked there. Even from where we were, we could already smell the fresh Manaish. We were wondering how could the smell travel so far until we got there and realized they were making them fresh on the spot.

If you missed it, well, you missed out.

Here’s a little glimpse of it.


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JulieTalk Live New Montreal Online Radio Show growing daily.

JulieTalk Live Online Radio Show Episode 16 is called The Right Wine and The Wrong Wife.

Just like every week, we have no idea of the content of the show until we go on live and just “talk things out” sometimes there is a good outcome and other times it’s just crazy. Views are growing in numbers and we’re starting to realize that we perhaps should start being a little more careful about what we’re putting out there.

Truth is, with the hectic life of being a mother of three and full times worker, planning ahead of time for the content of the show is truly impossible. We will have to continue to just wing it and let truths come out as they will.

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