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More, More, More.

We all want the best for our children. The best school, the best education. We want them to be smart, we teach them and encourage them to do educational activities, Extracurricular activities, dance, ballet, chess, soccer. We want them to be fit, fast and athletic. We want them to look good, we take time to pick out their clothes, we buy them things even if we can’t afford it for ourselves. We want everything for them, everything we never had.
We would give them everything we have, we try our best to do this right , to keep them happy.
But lately I’ve been wondering if we’ve been focussing on the right things. Maybe there’s more we should focus on.
Are they caring enough? Are they companionate? Have we thought them empathy? Are they generous? Are they friendly?
With technology at an all time peak and human interaction at an epic transformation, I wonder everyday what I could do more to teach them to be more.
More grateful, more mindful, more human.


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For the love of love just do it!

You have a desire tucked away in the back if your heart, sometimes it’s tucked away so far you’ve never told a soul. A desire, a dream, a wish. You’re full of self doubt and don’t dare to take action towards it.
If the desire exists then a path to its realization also exists, it’s presence in your thoughts is the seed that needs to grow into reality. Will it happen? Will it come true? Only depends on you. The only thing stopping you are your own thoughts. Just do it, go for it, try taking an action in that direction, it doesn’t need to be perfect.
It doesn’t need to be perfect.
It doesn’t need to be perfect.
It just needs to be.
Be , so that it can grow.

This is what I am telling myself today. For the sake of the love you have for this, just do it.

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Seek discomfort .

Text to come

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A mother of three, now back at work.

A mother of three, now back at work.

After two years of maternity leave, I am back at work and so far it is a complete disaster. Kids keep me up all night and by the time quiet sets in my alarm clock kicks in to remind me that it’s another day of go go go! Exhaustion and lack of sleep have turned my little brain into mush, and it’s starting to show in my work and everywhere else for that matter.

I drove my daughter to school the other day, we were late so I had to sign her in.

Name: A1

Reason of late arrival: Her baby sisters kept us up all night.


I paused for a while.

“Excuse me” I asked the secretary, “What date are we?”.

“The 4th” she replied.

So I wrote 4, and then stopped. I thought really hard before I said:

“Excuse me. What month are we?”

She looked at me for a while before she replied: “February!”

So I wrote 02, and then I stopped. And now the year; I wiggled the pen around to buy some thinking time. I just went blank. You know when you wake up from your sleep and you experience a short time of complete blank, when you don’t know if it’s day or night and where you’re going or where you’re coming from, just complete nothingness…I was there, except it was in the middle of the day and I wasn’t in bed. I just stood there, until the secretary worriedly said “2014?!”

Oh yes. I forgot.

Just this week, I sent 3 e-mails to colleagues, then got the “You forgot the attachment” reply. I showed up to a meeting on Monday, just to be told the meeting was Thursday and I got 2 parking tickets this week for not having my parking pass. It didn’t help that we keep switching cars for car seat baby drop off reasons, and my little post-it saying “Sorry,I forgot my pass today” stuck on my windshield didn’t do much for me.

I’m completely lost all the time, between work, dr’s appointments, school projects and due bills, I’m ready for an assistant.This is my reality now, many moms are doing this, we work all day, then pick up the kids and start a second shift, feed them, play with them, bath them, put them to bed…

I usually pass out fully clothed, bra, socks, makeup. I wake up hours later, get up, change, wash my face and go back to bed, only to start all over again a few hours later. I still need some getting used to, but all I can say is, if I thought the house was a mess before, well now it looks like a hurricane went through! Sink is beyond full, school bags and toys everywhere, laundry basket invasion. But I’m not stressing over them. I’ll get to it when I can.  If you’re in this situation, know that you’re not alone. Just take it day by day, moment by moment, don’t look back and don’t look forward, just now. Simply be, and take the time to play and laugh.

Ok enough blogging for tonight, for once that I’m not knocked out I should go give Jack some attention.




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Bed String Noises and Rocking Motion: Rants of a Sleepless Mama.

My Saturday night 1:30 am.
I passed out around 10:30 with the kids still jumping in my bed. After preparing three meals, entertaining them for hours and bathing all three and Having to start all over after a horrifying potty training poop disaster, I was exhausted. It was 10 pm and they were still going strong, Full of energy, laughing , dancing and jumping on our bed. I seized the opportunity to sit down when the rocking motion and the sounds of the strings in the bed must’ve knocked me out.
A short time ago the combination of rocking motion and the sound of the strings in the bed meant something completely different .
Not completely different I guess… After all it is that that led to this!
I suddenly woke up 30 minutes later dazed and confused to find them still playing In

my bed. I flipped out, yelled at them and sent them to bed. They ran baby!
Then I went in, bottles, pacifiers, tucky- tucky, night light, “love you”, kiss-kiss, then I wobbled back to my bed and knock out!
Got woken up by A1 at 1:00 am.
-“I’m sweating in this blanket, but I don’t want to change pyjamas or blankets and my left nostril is clogged.”
Then A3 woke up.
Hip hip hurray it’s Saturday night. No worries only 15 more years to go until me and Jack can tell you new stories about our Saturday nights…


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