For the love of love just do it!

You have a desire tucked away in the back if your heart, sometimes it’s tucked away so far you’ve never told a soul. A desire, a dream, a wish. You’re full of self doubt and don’t dare to take action towards it.
If the desire exists then a path to its realization also exists, it’s presence in your thoughts is the seed that needs to grow into reality. Will it happen? Will it come true? Only depends on you. The only thing stopping you are your own thoughts. Just do it, go for it, try taking an action in that direction, it doesn’t need to be perfect.
It doesn’t need to be perfect.
It doesn’t need to be perfect.
It just needs to be.
Be , so that it can grow.

This is what I am telling myself today. For the sake of the love you have for this, just do it.


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