Julie’s Kitchen Diaries

Finally released. Julie’s Kitchen Diaries Episode 1 features special guest Ara Ekmekdjian aka Chef Zona.


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2 responses to “Julie’s Kitchen Diaries

  1. Jimmy

    Hi Julie,

    I was a classmate of your sister’s in Law school from 1996-9 and was googling her name today when I stumbled upon your diaries. This initiative, as well as your work for breast cancer research over the years, are very commendable and a great way to pay homage to a truly wonderful human being! Her smile and her beauty always shone in class and outside. I remember sitting on the pupitre next to hers (we had 2 pupitres stuck on each other) during most of the first year (section D). We all loved to hang around – and tease – her… I also remember a few lunches we had in the first year with the section D crowd in Parc Ex and at the Eggspectation on de Maisonneuve. And I also recall how beautiful she looked at the graduation celebration! Keep up your great work and make sure your 3 lovely kids know about their aunt, whose memory lives on forever! 😉



    • Hi Jimmy, I actually remember you. It’s great that you found me , I’m so happy that you wrote to me. I’m touched to see that you still think about her… I try my best with the fundraisers but it’s hard to pay homage to the level that I want, to such a great person. This year is special for me because she was 31 when we lost her and I’m 31 now going on 32 in a couple of weeks. It’s quite an odd sensation to outgrow your older sibling…
      Thanks again for taking the time to write.
      You can always contact me at julietalk@live.ca


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