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Princess vs Princess

Easter long weekend is ahead, bitter sweet. I’m already feeling guilty for calling it  “bitter”. What kind of mother describes time with her own children as bitter? I did also say “sweet”. I won’t explain the sweet part: kids, cute, love, bla bla bla. I know, you know, we all know.

The bitter part? 4 days of complete mayhem.  No bathroom break, no nothing! You gotta  go? You go. But you leave the door open, you stay on duty (literally and figuratively) and you pray that they’ll leave you alone.

Today, as I was…Hmm.

I don’t think I’m ready to go there… if I start with our bathroom stories who knows what will come next…

So lately Jack and I have been having the same argument over and over again. Every time A1 cries he starts “This is your fault, she’s a softy and it’s because you brain wash her with your  Disney movies, she has to learn to be strong, and defend herself”.

Umm! Hello! Mulan went to war, (that’s a strong reply) Pocahontas dove from a cliff (ok, good but not so great), Jasmine left the palace walls (big deal, all she did was try out normal life for one day), Cinderella… hmm.. Did nothing and waited for her prince charming to solve all her problems. Come to think of it same goes for Aurora and Snow white. Ok fine! He might be right.

You read right Jack! You are RIGHT.

He wants her to watch Shera the Princess of Power.

I’ve never ever seen an episode. We could give it a try, after all she’s a princess too.

We can add that to this weekend’s activity list. We could watch Shera after we take down the Christmas decorations.



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Bump in the Night (Scary things kids do at night)

3 A’s are all asleep, Jack is in the basement cursing at the hockey game. How emotionally involved do you have to be to actually stand out of your seat and yell at the TV screen?  I can’t imagine myself doing that.

I’m sitting in the family room in the dark and A3 is falling asleep next to me on the couch. I’m typing away, I look up, I see a shadow, and my heart skips a beat.

It’s A1, just standing there staring at me.

Me: What are you doing? You scared me!

A1: I can’t sleep, what are you doing? Blog? Move I want to watch.

Me: Move? What move? Go upstairs back to bed. Or else… Or else, I won’t let you wear your pink shoes with your Easter dress and you’ll have to wear your black shoes!

A1: No!!! Plz!

She’s finally asleep, after “but I’m thirsty”, “but I need to pee”, then “Oh I forgot I already went to pee”, “but this pyjama makes me sweat” and tonight we have a new one “But these socks are too tight!”

Lately she’s been pulling this “I can’t sleep” sneaking up business. She’s so damn quiet! She scares the living crap out of us every single time. I get scared very easily, my imagination has a life of its own. That’s why I don’t watch scary movies.

 One night, a couple of years ago, in the middle of the night we heard a loud noise coming from A1’s bedroom. It woke us up “What the hell is that noise?” we wondered and quickly went to check it out.

OMG! Jack’s yelling at the top of his lungs! He’s going wake the whole house! What the hell is happening in that hockey game? (Sorry that was a side note)swing

What was I saying? Oh yeah, we went to see what was happening.  The baby swing that was set up in her room was swinging by itself, in the dark, in the middle of the night. It was the scariest thing. It kept swinging and swinging, harder and harder making a lot of noise. We were speechless just staring into that dark room. We thought surely, this house is haunted. We quickly turned on the light!

We looked at A1’s bed, it was empty!

We look back at the moving swing and we see A1 behind it, pushing wildly with all her might and a little doll neatly secured into the swing seat. She kept going for a few more seconds then suddenly stopped and went back into her bed without saying a word.

 Kids can be so spooky sometimes!

P.S I did well today: 3 meals, some exercise, even a short session of meditation.

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No more excuses!

Time has come for me to make changes in my current daily life. I don’t eat enough, I stress too much, I am insomniac, partly because of the kids but mostly because of my thoughts that don’t stop and keep me awake all through the night! I’m in such lack of sleep that I have a constant shake in my hands and my left eye is twitching, not any kind of twitch, a really strong one…it looks like I’m winking at everybody and everything. This needs to stop, before I get new problems…wink wink

“What are you stressing about?”


I’ve realized that I’ve been stressing for the past 4 months ever since A3’s been born. It’s time for me to take back control of my health. I want to be healthy, and take care of my family for a long long time.

I’ve learned quit a bit about myself lately. I thought of myself as a laid back, no stress, take it as it comes, go with the flow kind of person. And I was, but not lately.  Lately I’m always thinking and I’m always worried. I have to relax and learn to take things as they come, like I use to.

Sometimes I think that I was wiser when I was younger. The older I get the more the hormones and the stress get to me. I can’t let them win!

Today, is day one of Operation get the real Julie back. 

Lately I’ve been over thinking things, I don’t know how yet, but this must stop. I guess admitting I have a problem is the first step? I’ve been skipping meals, ever since A3’s been born I’ve gone full days without anything to eat… and then I wonder why my breast milk supply ended.

No more excuses! Yes I have 3 kids but it was my choice and I can’t use them as an excuse to not be healthy! ( Well, not really by choice…by luck…if you know what I mean)

3 meals a day from now on!

Spring is here, I need to get out and get moving.

And for the over thinking and anxiety… maybe I should pick up meditation?  I’ve tried it a few times, at home with an online video… a bit scary at first for an over imaginative mind like mine, but definitely effective.

Now that I’ve put this action plan out in public, I can’t go back on my word. (Hopefully)

And just maybe, after all of this…I’ll have the energy to keep my house organized. But that’s a long shot!


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+++ Why you shouldn’t clean if you want your kids to be calm

It’s the afternoon. I have A2 and A3, A1 is not home from school yet. It’s the first time that I blog while A2’s awake. Not only that, it’s the first time I actually have the laptop out while she’s around.

A3’s in ++++++++a chair and A2’s wobbling around. Every time she comes near A3 to give her a +++++++–kiss all stops and I watch her every move in fear.

Those plus and minuses are from A2, she passed by and pressed on those keys.

They’re both calm right now. Anyone who sees this post and knows the state of my home might think “Instead of blogging you should’ve picked up the mess”.

The room is completely quiet; all we hear is A2’s toy singing. Everything sings in this house. I am sitting down next to them quietly typing away. Now if I were to start picking stuff up, washing dishes or cooking.+++++++++++++++ (Another visit)I would be moving around, making noise, water running, pots and pans clunking, I would be creating a different mood.++++ (A2)

I want them to be calm, so I should  create the atmosphere for it. Usually in the evenings, after supper time, I dim the lights and I actually put on Spa music. They can do as they wish, play, run, yell, but the background is this. I’ve learned this from my own mistakes, I use to leave the TV on, talk loud, clean up… Then I realized that all this noise was making them agitated.

It took me three kids to figure this much out.

A2’s back. She’s closing the laptop and yelling “NO!” … I gtg. She gave me enough alone time, now I’m going to go play!

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“Happens to me all the time” or ” this girl’s out of her mind”

Sometimes it takes me a long time to figure out something about myself. Once I do, I realize that I unconsciously already knew what I just figured out, and not only that, but have already moved towards the path I just figured out I should take.

Right now you’re either thinking “Happens to me all the time” or “This girl’s out of her mind”.

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Reactive or Proactive?

Why are articles on parenting so boring?  Why doesn’t anyone get to the point?  A2 has thrown a couple of  tantrums, the nasty kinds, down on the floor. Don’t judge me. A1 has always been such a civilized child I never thought I could have this little monster on my hands.

So I was reading an article on this in a parenting magazine. We do all of our reading in the bathroom, we have to maximize our efficiency if you know what I mean (if you’re going to be in the bathroom might as well learn something in the meantime). I read pages about children throwing tantrums, so much information… development phases, statistics, probable causes…Get to the point! What should I do if my child is on the floor, on her back, kicking her legs and banging her head?

Experts have a list of adequate interventions depending on the reason of your child’s outburst.

  • Related to lack of control (reactive)
  • Related to lack of means of expression (proactive)

So if you find yourself in this situation, say, in the middle of a grocery store, you should ask yourself : Reactive or Proactive?

Sounds so realistic, doesn’t it ?

And then out come the lists.

If it’s the reactive type, experts will  tell you :

  • Reassure your child
  • Give more specific directives
  • Situate them in time and space
  • Do not just tell them what’s forbidden, but what is permitted as well

Ok! so… (guessing it’s the reactive type) according to this list, this is what we should say:

“Honey, I love you, you’re safe, please stop jiggling on the floor, gently get up, be quiet, hold my hand, we are in the super market, it’s the after noon, it is not allowed for you to throw yourself on the floor but it is allowed to walk by mommy’s side”

Ya…I don’t think so…thank you Mr. and Mrs. experts. Thank you for nothing.

Sometimes I feel like those articles and even some books about parenting are written just to be written. As if it was one expert talking to another.

Hello! We’re here!

I could be considered  as one of those experts (well on paper anyways), I’ve read about all this stuff,  it definitely  doesn’t mean I know exactly what to do in every scenario. I don’t appreciate  fancy phrases and lists to dictate what a parent should do in a specific case as if it’s something  so obvious.

I have studied this stuff and have 3 kids of my own and this article doesn’t help me out one bit, how is it suppose to help anyone else?  I wonder if any of these experts have truly been in that situation or any of the situations they talk about for that matter.

Now I’m all worked up.

I’ll tell you, if you find yourself in that situation, first of all don’t think about what other people are thinking. Don’t be embarrassed, they don’t matter. Focus on yourself and your child, do what you would’ve done if you were home. I personally just stand still next to my child with my back turned to her.Ignoring her, while  staying close to ensure her safety. I give her time to get it out of her system, after about 10 to 20 seconds I gently tend to her. I hold my arms open for her (like asking for a hug), I repeat “it’s ok” I carry her and kiss her and tell her that it’s ok again.

I’m hardly ever angry at them, I’m mostly trying not to laugh in front of them when they’re doing something wrong.

Might be wrong, might be right but it works for me.

Never worry about what people are thinking. Focus on what’s important.

With that said, we went to the mall this past weekend. A2 had a baby leash and it was a great experience.

“It’s a child! Not a dog!”

Exactly, same way I wouldn’t want to lose my dog…I don’t want to lose my child!


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A Real Hippopotamus

Finally, kids are asleep. That includes A3 who now at almost 4 months just started a semi-regular sleeping pattern.

What an evening it was ! Supper time was ultimate choas, A2 was covered in food by the end of it and we later found left overs in her diaper. A1 refused to eat, so out came the threats.

“You threaten your kids? Shame on you!”

I do whatever needs to be done. Threats, blackmail, we all do it, let’s not kid ourselves… “If you don’t eat I’ll tell the tooth fairy not to come see you in two years when you start losing your teeth”.

A1’s super excited about the tooth fairy business but she’s still only 4.

The other night, when I was lying in bed next to her as she requested, she was talking. I was so tired that I was slipping in and out of sleep. She was saying “Baby teeth don’t have roots, that’s why it doesn’t hurt when they fall” (is that even true?) When I woke up again she was saying “The eagle is the king of birds” and then I must have fallen asleep again. When I opened my eyes a few minutes later she was making shadows on the wall. Next thing I know i feel a little finger poking my face “Mommy, you’re sleeping ? But when am I going to see a REAL hippopotamus?”

Tonight A1 went up to bed by herself and this  is a big deal is this house. Jack and I can stop arguing over who’s turn it is to do it. We do it in code obviously.

“Ok time for bed, daddy’s going to take you up tonight !”

Daddy: But mommy! You should go, you tell such great stories !

Me: Yes, but Daddy’s going to scratch your back!

Daddy:  Honey, who do you want to go up with you?

We all know the answer to that one… it never fails.


Ah! we’re going to regret this when they become teenagers and don’t want to have anything to do with us.

Parenting is a constant guilt trip.

Another big achievement in our house, A2 now picks us dirty rolled diapers and puts them in the trash. Then gives herself a round of applause.

With A3 sleeping a little better, A1 going to bed by herself and A2 picking up diapers, alot is changing around here. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Then again, perhaps I don’t want to see the light, I don’t want this tunnel to end…

All this house playing business can get overwhelming but my overall attitude is to stay calm and truly enjoy it. They say “It passes fast, enjoy them”… and boy are they right.

Ah…I  miss them already, I’m going to go watch them sleep now.

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Nap time: Short lived break.

It’s a snow day and all three are home. It’s just past noon and I’m so sweaty you would think I ran a marathon. I’m able to write because it’s nap time. Coordinating nap time so that they’re all napping at the same time is critical to survival. So it all depends on A3. I tire them all out and the second A3 falls asleep…Sound the alarms! Gather the troups! It’s nap time!

I can hear A2 talking in her crib. She’s all equiped, milk bottle, pacifier, teddy and blanky. It’s up to her what she does for the next hour as long as she’s in her crib. It doesn’t matter if she cries…you have to show them who’s boss. Unless they’ve taken a massive s*%$t or that they’re legs are so far out of the rails that their thighs are stuck. These are the two deal brakers. She already did the first one, so we should be good. 

Now don’t get me wrong I’m not for letting babies cry. Old wives tales say to let the baby cry so that they don’t turn out to be spoiled… Between the ages of 0 and 3 months it is very important to answer to baby’s cries. Not only that, but to hold them and show them affection as much as you can. You are building their confidence at this point.

Ah! I can hear A3. Gotta go.

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Thinking out loud

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately, mind you I’m always thinking. My head doesn’t stop, I’m constantly thinking…about everything. What could’ve I done better today to be a better person, to be a better parent, to be a better wife. What should I do next, how can I be happier in life, how can I achieve more. When I wake up in the middle of the night for baby’s feedings, I  sit on the rocking chair with A3. I feed her and rock her back to sleep, all the while…I think.

I’ve had many revelations on that chair.thinking

I think a lot, but I like to think that I do a lot too. If you only knew what I’ve done this week…

The Cancer Fundraiser that I organized took place last Saturday. It was a real success only because of a great response from people. I have 3 kids and no time to sleep or eat, but I made time for this event because the cause  is very important to me. 3 kids or 10, it  doesn’t matter…I hope to do a fundraiser every year as I have for the past 5 years.

Since the event passed, I was supposed to rest. Rest? It doesn’t seem to be in my blood. I’m always up to something. Always.

I dream big, and I attack my dreams full force. Sometimes they’re good ideas, sometimes they’re bad ones. But no matter what it is I’m doing or trying to do, my mentality is that there’s no wrong in trying. Dream big, go ahead,  try it, what’s the worst that’s going to happen? Someone who tries has a better chance at success than someone who doesn’t, right ?

If you don’t take any chances, how can you know what your full potential is? It’s easy to be comfortable, it’s harder to try something new and explore the unknown. Let’s take this blog for example. I didn’t know what a blog was and I was frankly scared of the idea. Today after almost 2 months I have over 4000 views. (I don’t even know if that’s considered a little or a lot in this blogging world) but it was unknown, new and uncomfortable at first , but I did it anyways. ( Surely this is a minor example, but you get the point)

If you only knew what I did today…Jack doesn’t even  know…he’s going to be so mad.

If I end the post like this I’m going to hear it from my friend (spa girl). She complains to me if my posts don’t make her laugh. She read “Nothing here” (2 posts back) and told me “I didn’t like it, it didn’t make me laugh! Hurry and write another one” I tasked her” and what was the title of that post?” She replied “Nothing here!” so there!

One thing I love about spa girl, is that she always speaks her mind. So I actually get real feedback from her.

I write what I’m thinking, I can’t always be funny. But I will always be real.

See some bloggers write about things to attract an audience. I don’t want to do that. I want to write whatever I want and whoever wants can stay and read. We’ll see who’s with me til the end. I started a blog and since then have wondered its purpose. I still am not sure of it  but it’s definitely multi-faceted.

Don’t worry I’ll still fill you in on the mommy side of things .

For example, I googled  “green breast milk” last week. Not for the fun of it, but because it was actually green! Apparently it’s normal and it means there’s not a lot of fat in it. Lately I’ve also googled “abundant perspiration after pregnancy” again, not for the fun of it… I learned that it’s normal for women to perspire more than usual several weeks after pregnancy and longer if they are  breast feeding. If I knew this it would’ve saved me lots of trouble and worry. Another thing I googled  “Hair in baby’s eye”. If it happens to your baby, don’t panic, it will eventually come out on its own.

I’m a mommy of 3 trying to blog about real life and how to make the best of it.

Took me 2 months to figure this much out.

Who knows what another 2 months can bring.

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The bachelor

A3 sleeping next to me and I’m watching The Bachelor’s final episode. What a load of crap. But it still has my attention… Why can’t we look away? It’s like the time when we were in New Jersey and Jack’s cousin’s husband caught me watching an episode of “Keeping up with the Kardashians”. He walked into the room and I quickly changed the channel as if I was watching porn or something. “I saw what you were watching” he said, ” I didn’t think you were that kind of girl Julie” and he walked away.

But but but I’m not that kind of girl! It’s just that we don’t have all these channels at home and I got curious!  The other day my friend had posted a video of Kim Kardashian’s closet. I watched it and didn’t recognize any of the brand names mentioned , all I was thinking was “If they only knew what was in MY closet”…

A baby.

A baby? Yes a baby. We don’t have enough bedrooms so we sometimes put A3’s bassinette in the walk in closet. Don’t report me to child protective services just yet. We only put her in there if we need to be in our room with the lights on, which only happens when we’re cleaning, and that’s a rarity. I had that as my Facebook status once and a friend commented on how she too had converted her walk in closet into a nursery because it had a window and had transformed her mezzanine into a closet (I don’t know what a mezzanine is). Except, we didn’t convert anything into anything. The closet is still a closet.

A3’s going to be 4 months soon and is going to need to transfer to a crib. A2’s still in the crib so we’re going to have to buy a new one. A1 stayed in her crib till she was 3. If you’re a parent you’re probably thinking .. 3?! That’s ridiculous! Well, if I could, I would keep them in there much longer… it’s much easier to manage. You put them in there and then you can take them from where you left them…and they can’t go anywhere.

They should make cribs for teenagers.

I slept in a crib when I was 7. Not until I was 7, but when I was 7. My brother was just born and I was showing typical signs of elder sibling regression. That’s when the older sibling reacts to the new born by going backwards in their maturing behavior, basically the older sibling acts like a baby. A baby has come and they’re just trying to tell you “I’m a baby too!”

When A2 was born, A1 wet her bed twice in the same week. And she had been perfectly clean for a year. She also wanted to be carried up the stairs like a baby.

When I was 7 and my brother was born, I wanted to sleep in the crib. And my mother let me. I vividly remember it…it was awesome but my feet would stick out of the rails. Thinking back … I can’t believe she let me do that ! Or maybe I can…

Still watching The Bachelor… he just proposed and they rode away on an elephant’s back. How romantic.

Well I had an elephant at my wedding too… yup, definitely an elephant in the room.


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March 11, 2013 · 11:05 pm

Nothing here

After a weekend of splitting myself in three in an attempt to equally give attention to each child only to be left feeling guilty for not coming close, they’re all asleep (for the moment). What should I do first ? Go to the bathroom? I’ve been holding myself all day. Pump? I’m feeling swollen. Sleep?  What am I doing? I’m blogging.

Why? I dunno.

Well I don’t know yet. I mean sure I write little stories, some come out good some less…but where is all this going? I’m not so sure yet. I’m just going with the flow.

I’m sitting in Jack’s man cave (basement) and I think it’s the first time that I’m here alone. I just needed to get away from the mess. It’s a mess down here too but it’s a mess I don’t see often so it’s more bearable.

Jack just came down and turned on the TV. And now I just can’t think anymore. I’m getting distracted and losing my train of thought. Thank you Jack.

And as I wrote that, he just said “Watch TV with me, forget this” (by this he means this post), as much as want to continue this post, I’m going to be good and I’m going to put the computer away.

To me, this is romance.

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March 11, 2013 · 12:00 am

Mommy’s brains

The following explanation is upon Jack’s request.

I blog late at night, I quickly write something up directly on the Website, no draft, no nothing. My English is not exceptional and I’ve mentioned all of this before. I get carried away in what I’m writing and I don’t pay attention to spelling or anything else. Plus I know Jack’s going to correct my mistakes the next day so I just let loose and don’t look back.

Jack’s  just looking out for me, he doesn’t want me embarrassing myself. I personally am not at all embarrassed. Poney, Pony what’s the difference. I can’t spell, does it mean I’m stupid? Maybe.

I’ll be the first to tell you I don’t know anything about anything. I found out what the International Space Station is two years ago. Scary part is I have a masters degree in Science. Having a degree doesn’t mean you’re smart. It just means you’ve been lucky to have been rewarded for determination.

If you don’t know what the International Space Station is, it’s ok. Google it. It’s pretty interesting. This kind of thing is declarative knowledge, meaning it’s just stuff you know because you’ve heard about it or read about it and I don’t think it’s all that quantifies intelligence. I don’t know what the capital of Sweden is…I look it up, oh it’s Stockholm. I think intelligence is more than that. I think it’s a combination of self development, behavioral, adaptation  and interaction skills. Things that you don’t just acquire by reading a Wikipedia definition.

I wrote my heart out and then the post got erased beyond this point and now I have to try and figure out what I had written.

Basically we shouldn’t be measuring each other in “intelligence” or anything else for that matter. We should all work at being real with one another and getting over superficial matters.

I didn’t set out to write any of this. I was planning on writing about my day with A2 at the Sugar Shack. I’m learning about this blog as I go and I’m seeing that it’s slowly representing different sides of me. I guess were still in the Character Development phase.

I learned that word today.

(I can’t remember what else I had written… I’ll have to end it like this)


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March 6, 2013 · 11:16 pm

Komodo dragon or pony?

It’s Sunday night, 2 out of 3 are in bed and I am exhausted. A1 is sipping on chicken noodle soup, drawing and watching Tv. It’s the first time that I blog with one of the kids awake.  I just asked her what she’s drawing and she said ” A pony”.

So people told me to start a blog and I did. I didn’t know what it was but I started anyway. I learned so much in the past two months. There’s a whole community of bloggers out there. I’m still new at this and most of my readers are Facebook friends but I’m slowly being integrated in this community.

So you start a blog, you write a blog…what’s next?

A1 just “psssssttt” me and showed me her drawing. It looks like a Komodo dragon with wings.

A1:  Does it look like a poney?

I nod

A1 : A lot or a little ?

I think she knows it looks nothing like a pony.

Me: Medium

A1: But is it cute?

I nod.

I don’t know what to do, lie ? Tell her the truth? She’s 4 !

Wait she’s coming… oh, never mind, she froze in front of the Tv midway.

She’s here.

A1: I want 2 cereal bars.

No please no nothing.

Me: You’re gonna go to bed soon.

A1: Pleaaaase, 2 cereal bars.

Me: Offffff ok, let’s start with 1.

Again, I never know what to do while negotiating with her. Should I be more strict? Is she walking all over me? Is all this going to bite me in the butt when she becomes a teenager…

Parenting is a constant test. A test who’s results you’ll never get and never know what the right answer was… People think I know what I’m doing because I have 3 kids. If you don’t know how to drive does it make a difference if you have 3 cars? At least we’re taught how to drive. Nobody teaches us how to be a parent.

I always like to listen to what the elder have to say about life. Sometimes I don’t understand their advice but I follow it anyways.

She just sent me to get her the second cereal bar and cold milk.

A1: Again! Cereal bar and cold milk.

Me: Please mommy!

A1: I’m not your mommy.

Where did I go wrong? Or did I go wrong? Sometimes I wish she was more mannered and obedient but then I think this way is better because I don’t want people stepping all over her later in life. Plus how is she supposed to be that well mannered with all the things she sees in this house.

She’s sitting stuck on me right now and she just asked me to move because she doesn’t have enough space.

Me: but you’re the one stuck on me.

A1: No you’re stuck on ME!

And now she just burped out loud. Where did I go wrong? Or did I ?

I never know if I’m doing or saying the right thing. All I know is, I hug them and tell them I love them as many times as possible in the day. There’s no way I can go wrong with that.

Now we’re going to take a picture of her drawing, post it and then I’m taking her to bed.


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March 3, 2013 · 8:37 pm

E-mail your questions or requests

It’s Sunday afternoon and I wish I had a chance to blog. So many topics have crossed my mind that I’ve been wanting to share but weekends are just too chaotic.

Some suggested I take questions by e-mail. So you can e-mail me at

Jack’s eating mac and cheese out of the pot right now. He doesn’t trust the eggs anymore.


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Not Clean Per Se, Not Dirty Per Se

It’s past midnight. Everyone’s asleep…but me, of course. Why am I not sleeping? Because I’m on duty. Any minute now A3 is going to wake up and my free time is going to be over. What do I do with my time? BLOG

But not these past two weeks. Whenever I’ve had free time, I’ve been working on organizing a Fundraiser. Since I don’t have much free time, I haven’t had any time to blog. Don’t feel bad. Today I picked blogging over showering!

Actually, I take that back. I couldn’t have showered. (Could not have. I want to say couldn’t’ve…how to I write that? ) Basically, showering is not even a possibility right now, remember, A3 could wake up at any time. I can even hear her a bit.

I don’t like to use monitors; I like to hear what’s happening in the house. I like to be able to stop typing for a second and listen in. Stop.

Right now I hear A3’s breath, her respiration frequency is changing, she’s breathing faster. It means she’s waking up. I can hear Jack snoring and the rest are quiet, that’s a good sign. I can hear A3’s breath not because I’m super human, but because she’s 6 meters away. She’s in the den and I’m the living room.

Now someone who can imagine measurements might be thinking: What kind of den is only 6 meters away from a living room??

Well. The thing is. Our house doesn’t even have a den. It has a kitchen, a dining room and a living room. No Den. But I made one. I can’t even hit a nail in the wall but I turned the dining room into a family den.

Want to know how?  I put a couch and a TV in the “dining room”. Then, furnished half  the “living room”, as a dining room and the other half, as “clean” living room .

Not clean per se, but definitely cleaner then the Den.  You should see it….actually, you shouldn’t see it! Plastic on the furniture? Yeah, at this point, I should, to protect the people sitting on them.

They’re not dirty per se, it’s just that they’ve been through a lot. They’ve had three kids! Three kids dropping their water, their milk… try cleaning milk off a couch. Ok, you clean the couch’s surface. Then what? That milk has made it into the fibers of the couch , embedded like…you know what I’m thinking.

A1’s poop on A’3 onesie!  (Guys! Another inside joke!!  That’s the  second time this week!)

If Jack read this he would think I’m a total geek. I can already hear him in my head  “What inside joke?! You can’t have an inside joke with yourself!”  Lol (By the way, when I write “lol” it really means that I laughed out loud, like HaHaHa. More like Mhi,Mhi,Mhi. if I went HaHaHa A3 would wake up.)

The only person on a monitor right now is A2. To the readers who don’t know baby talk, a baby monitor is … I don’t know how to explain it.

So I googled the definition for “baby monitor” and guess what. It doesn’t exist!! Try it.

How would you explain to someone what a baby monitor is?

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