Princess vs Princess

Easter long weekend is ahead, bitter sweet. I’m already feeling guilty for calling it  “bitter”. What kind of mother describes time with her own children as bitter? I did also say “sweet”. I won’t explain the sweet part: kids, cute, love, bla bla bla. I know, you know, we all know.

The bitter part? 4 days of complete mayhem.  No bathroom break, no nothing! You gotta  go? You go. But you leave the door open, you stay on duty (literally and figuratively) and you pray that they’ll leave you alone.

Today, as I was…Hmm.

I don’t think I’m ready to go there… if I start with our bathroom stories who knows what will come next…

So lately Jack and I have been having the same argument over and over again. Every time A1 cries he starts “This is your fault, she’s a softy and it’s because you brain wash her with your  Disney movies, she has to learn to be strong, and defend herself”.

Umm! Hello! Mulan went to war, (that’s a strong reply) Pocahontas dove from a cliff (ok, good but not so great), Jasmine left the palace walls (big deal, all she did was try out normal life for one day), Cinderella… hmm.. Did nothing and waited for her prince charming to solve all her problems. Come to think of it same goes for Aurora and Snow white. Ok fine! He might be right.

You read right Jack! You are RIGHT.

He wants her to watch Shera the Princess of Power.

I’ve never ever seen an episode. We could give it a try, after all she’s a princess too.

We can add that to this weekend’s activity list. We could watch Shera after we take down the Christmas decorations.



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  1. Julie's Official Blog Critic

    Of course he’s right… Jack is always right!


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