Overthinking ?

Sometimes I really tend to overthink things. I expect myself to have figured out every element of a process that I want to overtake before I start it.  Unless I know specifically what the upcoming challenges are and exactly how to overcome them I arm filled in fear and most times even give up on the task or objective at hand.

I am telling myself is that I should chill out a bit.

I was never like this when it came to my schoolwork and I am certainly not giving up on any difficult tasks at work. So why is it that when it comes to my personal objectives I really seem to be throwing in the towel pretty quickly?

Hold on I’ve got to go pull the basement door shut.  Jack’s downstairs watching the finale of Oz with his buddies and it’s sounding pretty intense from up here. I hear the yelling of a man that sounds like he’s getting badly tortured. It’s getting louder and louder, I hope the kids don’t get woken. Oh sounds like the torture just intensified a notch, I’m afraid the kids are going to think it is Jack that is yelling!

Ok door is shut now.

Where was I. Oh yes so basically I was in the middle of realizing that I don’t discipline myself when it comes  to succeeding  in my own personal goals but when it comes to work or when it’s for somebody else I give it my all.

Why do I do that?

Am I overthinking again? Probably.

Or maybe this is the moment I realize I should live more for myself…





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