No more excuses!

Time has come for me to make changes in my current daily life. I don’t eat enough, I stress too much, I am insomniac, partly because of the kids but mostly because of my thoughts that don’t stop and keep me awake all through the night! I’m in such lack of sleep that I have a constant shake in my hands and my left eye is twitching, not any kind of twitch, a really strong one…it looks like I’m winking at everybody and everything. This needs to stop, before I get new problems…wink wink

“What are you stressing about?”


I’ve realized that I’ve been stressing for the past 4 months ever since A3’s been born. It’s time for me to take back control of my health. I want to be healthy, and take care of my family for a long long time.

I’ve learned quit a bit about myself lately. I thought of myself as a laid back, no stress, take it as it comes, go with the flow kind of person. And I was, but not lately.  Lately I’m always thinking and I’m always worried. I have to relax and learn to take things as they come, like I use to.

Sometimes I think that I was wiser when I was younger. The older I get the more the hormones and the stress get to me. I can’t let them win!

Today, is day one of Operation get the real Julie back. 

Lately I’ve been over thinking things, I don’t know how yet, but this must stop. I guess admitting I have a problem is the first step? I’ve been skipping meals, ever since A3’s been born I’ve gone full days without anything to eat… and then I wonder why my breast milk supply ended.

No more excuses! Yes I have 3 kids but it was my choice and I can’t use them as an excuse to not be healthy! ( Well, not really by choice…by luck…if you know what I mean)

3 meals a day from now on!

Spring is here, I need to get out and get moving.

And for the over thinking and anxiety… maybe I should pick up meditation?  I’ve tried it a few times, at home with an online video… a bit scary at first for an over imaginative mind like mine, but definitely effective.

Now that I’ve put this action plan out in public, I can’t go back on my word. (Hopefully)

And just maybe, after all of this…I’ll have the energy to keep my house organized. But that’s a long shot!



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4 responses to “No more excuses!

  1. Meditation is key! I started meditating about a month after my son was born (he had really bad collic), and it’s saved my life. There are a few documentaries on Netflix about Vipissana- one is called Dharma Brothers.

    It’s difficult at first, and it still is for me when my mind is racing, but if you can get the hang of it it can be a real source of rejuvenation and give you the loving patience that’s needed to take care of a family.

    Good luck!


  2. Tamar Dek

    Hi Julie!
    Thanks for sharing, I have one and am quite sleep deprived, I can only imagine what you’re going through. Reading the Bible actually calms me down as I hand everything over to God. This is one of my favourite verses: “Cast all your anxiety on Him, because bahe cares for you” 1 peter 5:7
    Just thought I’d share!


  3. Thank you Tamar
    Yes, prayer is after all a form of meditation.
    Thanks for the quote….do you know them by heart ?!?!


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