Nothing here

After a weekend of splitting myself in three in an attempt to equally give attention to each child only to be left feeling guilty for not coming close, they’re all asleep (for the moment). What should I do first ? Go to the bathroom? I’ve been holding myself all day. Pump? I’m feeling swollen. Sleep?  What am I doing? I’m blogging.

Why? I dunno.

Well I don’t know yet. I mean sure I write little stories, some come out good some less…but where is all this going? I’m not so sure yet. I’m just going with the flow.

I’m sitting in Jack’s man cave (basement) and I think it’s the first time that I’m here alone. I just needed to get away from the mess. It’s a mess down here too but it’s a mess I don’t see often so it’s more bearable.

Jack just came down and turned on the TV. And now I just can’t think anymore. I’m getting distracted and losing my train of thought. Thank you Jack.

And as I wrote that, he just said “Watch TV with me, forget this” (by this he means this post), as much as want to continue this post, I’m going to be good and I’m going to put the computer away.

To me, this is romance.


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March 11, 2013 · 12:00 am

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