The bachelor

A3 sleeping next to me and I’m watching The Bachelor’s final episode. What a load of crap. But it still has my attention… Why can’t we look away? It’s like the time when we were in New Jersey and Jack’s cousin’s husband caught me watching an episode of “Keeping up with the Kardashians”. He walked into the room and I quickly changed the channel as if I was watching porn or something. “I saw what you were watching” he said, ” I didn’t think you were that kind of girl Julie” and he walked away.

But but but I’m not that kind of girl! It’s just that we don’t have all these channels at home and I got curious!  The other day my friend had posted a video of Kim Kardashian’s closet. I watched it and didn’t recognize any of the brand names mentioned , all I was thinking was “If they only knew what was in MY closet”…

A baby.

A baby? Yes a baby. We don’t have enough bedrooms so we sometimes put A3’s bassinette in the walk in closet. Don’t report me to child protective services just yet. We only put her in there if we need to be in our room with the lights on, which only happens when we’re cleaning, and that’s a rarity. I had that as my Facebook status once and a friend commented on how she too had converted her walk in closet into a nursery because it had a window and had transformed her mezzanine into a closet (I don’t know what a mezzanine is). Except, we didn’t convert anything into anything. The closet is still a closet.

A3’s going to be 4 months soon and is going to need to transfer to a crib. A2’s still in the crib so we’re going to have to buy a new one. A1 stayed in her crib till she was 3. If you’re a parent you’re probably thinking .. 3?! That’s ridiculous! Well, if I could, I would keep them in there much longer… it’s much easier to manage. You put them in there and then you can take them from where you left them…and they can’t go anywhere.

They should make cribs for teenagers.

I slept in a crib when I was 7. Not until I was 7, but when I was 7. My brother was just born and I was showing typical signs of elder sibling regression. That’s when the older sibling reacts to the new born by going backwards in their maturing behavior, basically the older sibling acts like a baby. A baby has come and they’re just trying to tell you “I’m a baby too!”

When A2 was born, A1 wet her bed twice in the same week. And she had been perfectly clean for a year. She also wanted to be carried up the stairs like a baby.

When I was 7 and my brother was born, I wanted to sleep in the crib. And my mother let me. I vividly remember it…it was awesome but my feet would stick out of the rails. Thinking back … I can’t believe she let me do that ! Or maybe I can…

Still watching The Bachelor… he just proposed and they rode away on an elephant’s back. How romantic.

Well I had an elephant at my wedding too… yup, definitely an elephant in the room.



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March 11, 2013 · 11:05 pm

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