Nap time: Short lived break.

It’s a snow day and all three are home. It’s just past noon and I’m so sweaty you would think I ran a marathon. I’m able to write because it’s nap time. Coordinating nap time so that they’re all napping at the same time is critical to survival. So it all depends on A3. I tire them all out and the second A3 falls asleep…Sound the alarms! Gather the troups! It’s nap time!

I can hear A2 talking in her crib. She’s all equiped, milk bottle, pacifier, teddy and blanky. It’s up to her what she does for the next hour as long as she’s in her crib. It doesn’t matter if she cries…you have to show them who’s boss. Unless they’ve taken a massive s*%$t or that they’re legs are so far out of the rails that their thighs are stuck. These are the two deal brakers. She already did the first one, so we should be good. 

Now don’t get me wrong I’m not for letting babies cry. Old wives tales say to let the baby cry so that they don’t turn out to be spoiled… Between the ages of 0 and 3 months it is very important to answer to baby’s cries. Not only that, but to hold them and show them affection as much as you can. You are building their confidence at this point.

Ah! I can hear A3. Gotta go.


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