Open Doors: Who still goes to church?

open doors1Open Doors

A2’s day care is stuck to our community church, and now that they’ve locked the daycare side entrance door you have no choice but to go through the main entrance and walk past the open doors of the church. I feel guilty to just walk by it and not go in for a moment. I feel like I’ll be cursed if I just walked by. Especially that A1 is with me every day during that part of our daily routine. Maybe the side doors being locked are the local priest’s strategy to bring us closer to the church. Now that’s slick. I can say that I’m pretty lost in my spiritual identity but I know that being raised with religion gave me a certain peace of mind as a child. I was taught to pray and used it in time of need. Sure I might’ve prayed for the teacher not to check my homework or for that bully to leave me alone in the school bus, but I had something there, something to give me hope and keep my spirits high. I want my children to have at least that. Something to sooth them or ease their pain when they’re on their own. So every day we walk into church and take a moment. Every day we walk in and I take the time to be grateful and think about what I really want from myself. Honestly sometimes I just stand there soaking in the silence. Today I asked for… I didn’t know what to ask for… So many things on my mind…

I asked to want less.

I asked, please lord, help me want less.



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4 responses to “Open Doors: Who still goes to church?

  1. E

    Very touching and well said…we should all try to want a little less. In this hectic life we live we should always take a moment to give thanks.


  2. silva

    Hi Julie
    Have I ever told you I enjoy your blog? If I haven’t then here it is. I think you are a superb personality. There is something light and airy about your soul which is refreshing. You are your father’s daughter in the way you take ordinary events and speak of them as picture perfect memories. It is
    obvious you have an appetite for life and you enjoy it with gratitude. You are praising life by giving every event a place of honor with your talk. Live love and enjoy!
    You inspire me. I have a lot to say as well. Who created your blog? I need someone to help me create one. Would you contact me by email? Thanks.


    • Silva I read your comment and my jaw literally dropped. Not only was I extremely honored by what you said but I was also blown away by your eloquence and ease with words. You truly are an Artist.


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