Bed String Noises and Rocking Motion: Rants of a Sleepless Mama.

My Saturday night 1:30 am.
I passed out around 10:30 with the kids still jumping in my bed. After preparing three meals, entertaining them for hours and bathing all three and Having to start all over after a horrifying potty training poop disaster, I was exhausted. It was 10 pm and they were still going strong, Full of energy, laughing , dancing and jumping on our bed. I seized the opportunity to sit down when the rocking motion and the sounds of the strings in the bed must’ve knocked me out.
A short time ago the combination of rocking motion and the sound of the strings in the bed meant something completely different .
Not completely different I guess… After all it is that that led to this!
I suddenly woke up 30 minutes later dazed and confused to find them still playing In

my bed. I flipped out, yelled at them and sent them to bed. They ran baby!
Then I went in, bottles, pacifiers, tucky- tucky, night light, “love you”, kiss-kiss, then I wobbled back to my bed and knock out!
Got woken up by A1 at 1:00 am.
-“I’m sweating in this blanket, but I don’t want to change pyjamas or blankets and my left nostril is clogged.”
Then A3 woke up.
Hip hip hurray it’s Saturday night. No worries only 15 more years to go until me and Jack can tell you new stories about our Saturday nights…



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