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I got my eye on you guys : How to get a difficult toddler to nap in the afternoon.

Its Saturday 1pm, A2’s crying hysterically standing in her crib. She has to nap so I can catch up with the things I need to do. Maybe if I’m lucky and the stars align I can sneak in a little nap or even a shower? There’s nothing wrong with being hopeful.

I just need her to nap so that I can at least catch up to the mess they’ve done. A2’s new favorite hobby is to empty drawers and closets onto the floor. Thank goodness she’s gotten over her habits involving toilet water…

I go into her room, she’s crying and has got her arms out for me… they do that just to melt your heart.

Me: Do you want to sleep with the teddy bear?

A2: NO!

Me: Do you want to sleep with the rabbit?

A2: NO!

I’m going around the room at thins point, grabbing each stuffed animal I see and showcasing it like a price is right model as I ask her..

“Do you want to sleep with the Pony?”


We went through the monkey, hello kitty, Whinny the Pooh, who are all sitting on the night stand.

No, No, No.

I get mad,

at the stuffed animals.

“Quick! Go to sleep! All of you! Everyone’s heads down!”

Sounded like a hold-up.

And I put all the stuffed animals heads down.

“ Look at how A2 is sleeping quietly, I want you all to do the same as her! You’re all gona drink your milks and then sleep just like A2!”

A2 followed and put her head down.

She’s looking at me with a big smile on her face, so proud to be in charge. She glanced over at the collection of stuffed animals who are all lying down, and points her index finger at them, then put her head down and went to sleep.

I think she meant “I got my eye on you guys”.

And I left the room.



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6 Months Old Flapping Arm

We just put all of the kids to sleep.  Putting A3 to bed is starting to get tricky. She’s going to be 6 months soon  and her arms moves uncontrollably. At that age they have this weird arm flapping motion. At bed time their arm starts flapping as if they’re trying to whack a fly, they get all excited and then you can forget about them sleeping. Then as soon as that’s done with and they’re starting to dose off, they grab and pull their own ear or pull their own hair, wake themselves up and then cry as if someone else did it.

So you need to gently hold their arms down and try to find a comfortable position for them. Supposing baby is lying on the back, you can fold over the blanket under one arm and place the other arm on their tummy.

Once you control the arm situation, it’s all good… for a while, until they’re 7 months old and  then it’s something else!

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