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6 Months Old Flapping Arm

We just put all of the kids to sleep.  Putting A3 to bed is starting to get tricky. She’s going to be 6 months soon  and her arms moves uncontrollably. At that age they have this weird arm flapping motion. At bed time their arm starts flapping as if they’re trying to whack a fly, they get all excited and then you can forget about them sleeping. Then as soon as that’s done with and they’re starting to dose off, they grab and pull their own ear or pull their own hair, wake themselves up and then cry as if someone else did it.

So you need to gently hold their arms down and try to find a comfortable position for them. Supposing baby is lying on the back, you can fold over the blanket under one arm and place the other arm on their tummy.

Once you control the arm situation, it’s all good… for a while, until they’re 7 months old and  then it’s something else!


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