It’s Now or Never!

One thing I can say I’m good at, is managing to get all of them to nap at once. A1 will fight it and if she can come up with a reasonable argument I let her have it her way.

“I don’t want to nap, please! I’ll quietly watch a movie, just set up 3 cookies and cold milk for me, and I’ll leave you alone until the babies wake up”

That’s my girl.

When the two babies are put down for a nap and A1’s taken care of, Jack and I spend about 45 seconds just wandering around the house with our mouths slightly open wondering what to do, where to start? Start picking up the toys? Tackle the dishes? The laundry perhaps? It has been sitting there for over 4 days, or maybe eat something? That would be good, oh no… a shower! Yes! A shower would be awesome, but who first? Oh I have a better one, A NAP! Wait I have to go to the bathroom, I’ve been holding myself all morning. Ok you go in the shower and I’ll shower when you’re done.

Oh no, A3’s crying, you go, no you go. You go, next time I’ll go I promise. She’s wide awake she won’t sleep…Sing! Dance! Do something PLEASE! She’s not sleeping because this is not THE right pacifier! Where is it?? Downstairs? Upstairs? In the diaper bag? Oh ya! Still in the suitcase! (Because we obviously haven’t unpacked yet!) Ok got it. All this up and down has got me sweating bullets. Please Jack let me go in the shower first. A1: “MOOOOOM!! DAAAAAD!!”…SHHHHHHHH! Don’t yell your sisters are sleeping!

“I pressed something on the remote and the movie’s gone”

You go, no you go! Ok I went when A3 cried now you go!

O-K ! An hour has passed already and we haven’t done anything yet. My fatigue is giving me nausea, or maybe it’s my blood sugar dropping, I feel dizzy…I should eat something.

Ring Ring, it’s a text message.

It’s Uncle Mike from the Uncle Mike Radio Show. He’s asking if he can call me.

My reply: Call me now, I’ve got all of them napping, it’s now or never!

He calls, we talk. So he’s asking me to be on his internet radio show this Thursday 9 pm.

How do I feel about that? Jittery.

Live radio? OMG with live video streaming too?! SCARY!

What did I say? YES of course! is where you can tune in. Or The Uncle Mike Show on facebook.

Aille Aille Aille…what did I get myself into…?!

Ah! Just relax and enjoy the wave…right?

A2’s awake! Didn’t shower, didn’t nap, didn’t eat…but I talked to Uncle Mike!

See you all Thursday at 9 pm. On

Send me positive energy please!



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