Wiggle of a nose

The kids are asleep and I throw myself on the couch with a sigh!

I can’t help but to look around. There are toys everywhere! Everywhere!

It would take a grown adult strategy, calculations and planning to efficiently place each toy so that every square inch of the house could be covered. But children are naturally gifted at this.

Pfft…there’s no way… you might be thinking. How many toys can one have?

Think again! Aside from regular toys, a deck of cards, a few puzzles, crayon boxes and a memory game can go a loooooooooong way!!!

We pick up the same toys every single day. The same pieces, every singles day. We know which puzzle piece goes in which box only by seeing the back of the piece. It’s become second nature to us.

Can I put this as a competence on my resume?

Sometimes I don’t even have the energy to clean up. So I just leave it. But I know it’s waiting for me…

Calling my name… Juuuuuulie.

I wish I could just wiggle my nose and have it all clean. (Bewitched, for the youth who don’t know…)

The toys are just one aspect of it all. One day means 3 meals for 5 people. You’ve got to see what the sink looks like by the end of a day. It will be midnight by the time I’m done cleaning.

It’s ok. I’ll sleep when I’m old.



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