Sweating Over Pancakes

It’s Saturday morning, we’re not even past breakfast and I’m already sweating bullets. I keep a deodorant bar in my kitchen drawer and I pull it out and apply when need be about 5 times a day. First I use baby wipes to clean, some paper towel to pat dry, then I apply. I do all this so often that sometimes I forget myself and do it while I have guests over.


A1 and A2 were quietly eating their pancakes when I slipped into the leaving room to start this post… and now they’re both here, one on each side of me, eating their pancake on the living room coffee table. They made their way here, no fuss, no questions, following mommy around like little ducklings behind their mommy duck.

Ok I should go. They deserve all of my attention. Plus parenting is so much less frustrating when you’re not trying to get something done while the kids are around.

Don’t do, just be.

As they are.

…to be continued…



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