Team Rita at the 2014 Marcheton

I am part of Team Rita, a Team who in honor of my sister, is dedicated to raising funds and especially awareness for cancer. Every year since 2007, Team Rita has participated in various fundraising event and organized several fundraising events. Team Rita alone, has raised over 60 000$ for Cancer over the past few years.

Team Rita @ the 2014 Marcheton

Team Rita @ the 2014 Marcheton


This year, we joined the 2014 Marcheton, an event organized by the Laval and Montreal H.O.M chapters. It was a successful event, a community gathered together to support each other and unite in the fight towards cancer. Spirits were high, smiles were on and the sun was shining. Truly a beautiful day.

I made a little video to catch the ambiance of the day and hopefully inspire you to join us next year.


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