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Stupid with Honor

I claim to be a reality blog, yet most of my thoughts are filtered. Recently I was talking to a friend about one of my projects to host an online radio show. “You’ll make more enemies then friends” she said. “Freedom of speech is for those who are miserable”. Am I too happy to have freedom of speech? “People don’t like to hear about other’s success”. Another friend told me “Why do you want to succeed? It will only attract jealousy from people?” So should I not succeed to stay safe of people’s jealousy? I have more faith in people than that. What I truly don’t understand is why were so fearful of doing. I already fill myself with reasons not to do things and then I go out and search for validation. The reasons we set up in our minds not to do something and the way we listen to people discouraging us from taking action are just means to get away from doing, safely with reason. There’s something in your mind, you want to do it, but you don’t, because of this, or because of that, or maybe because we’re too afraid to. Let’s call things as they are. Fear is the base of all the “I can’t”, fear of change and fear of the unknown.


People will give advice, they are seeking what’s “good” for me, and they are trying to keep me safe. But I don’t think there’s anything to keep me “safe” from. There’s nothing to fear. Abject humiliation maybe, but one friend one said “If you haven’t looked stupid enough in your life time, perhaps you haven’t tried enough new things.” I don’t mind looking stupid, come to think of it, stupid is the only thing that I am truly able to be effortlessly. And the best part about it is not caring about that sentence fragment.


Is that it? Fear of being judged as stupid?


The only thing we can truly know is that we don’t truly know anything. So if I don’t know anything, and that makes me stupid, then I accept the title with honor.


Stupid with honor.


What a relief.







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