“Baby Brains” is an understatement

I carry a little note book around with me everywhere I go, to take notes when I get ideas of stuff to blog about. When I come back and read them, either I can’t understand my own hand writing or I come to realize that it’s a bad idea. Honestly I’m not so sure what the purpose of a blog is yet, but I’m learning more about it every day. When I think I have a good idea I have to write it down  right away but sometimes taking out a note book in public and scribbling can be weird. With all the technology these days… smart phones, I pads, I pods, tablets… who still uses a note book?

When I think I have an idea, I need to write it down right away because I can’t rely on my memory. My brain is so over flooded with detailed information about the children that I forget all the rest. I never know what day of the week it is, but I always know the exact time.  Has it ever happened to you to find yourself in front of the TV during a commercial break wondering “What the heck was I watching?” Well I’m way beyond that point. This week I dropped something and it went under the couch, as I was crouched down, looking under there, I found myself wondering “What the heck am I looking for?”

My two younger kids are still babies, but my 4 year old is starting to pick up on my deficiency. Evenings in our house are complete chaos. We have three kids to feed, bathe, change and put to bed. Problem is we have a baby, a toddler and a 4 year old, and all of them have different requirements. For example, no two eat the same. The new born is on breast milk, the toddler eats mash and the 4 year old is extremely picky. She discriminates food with color. She won’t eat anything green because it’s a boy’s color and her favorite color is pink. So I give her lobster and I tell her it’s pink chicken.

No two bathe the same, new born bathes in a small tub, toddler in the bathtub and the 4 year old already showers. Then there’s the bed time milk routine … basically the bed time routine is very long and complicated. So one evening, after we had accomplished all our tasks and all three kids were in bed, we sat down on our bed in releif, and as soon as we did, we heard my 4 year old call “Maaami? Baaabi?” and we replied simultaneously “Whaaaaaat!?” expecting the usual “I’m cold”, “I’m hot”, “I’m thirsty” or the ever so famous “My leg hurts”. Poor thing answered from her room “but mami, babi , you put me in bed in my clothes.”

There had been a minor miscommunication between me and my husband and she was never put in pajamas.

And our morning routine…Oh my! Well that’s a whole other story.


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