Meet Jack

Today I was having lunch with my brother when I got a call from my husband.

I’m tired of saying “husband” all the time… it’s too official. I need to come up with a pseudonym for him.  Sort of like “Mr.Big” but nothing with a sexual connotation. Let’s call him Jack for now until we figure this out. I’ll be taking suggestions.

So I got a call from Jack “I read your blog, there’s a problem. You finished your text without a conclusion or a proper ending. You tell the reader a story and then BOOM you just stop! You can’t do that!” and apparently my brother agrees. The reason for that is the fact that I could write forever. So I write and then I stop because I run out of free time. The “story” is technically not over, it’s never over…

The conversation goes on:

Jack: You say he earns his nicknames well. How are people supposed to understand what you mean?

Me: If they read the blog, they know what I mean.

Jack: Oh ya? Ask your brother.

So I ask my brother.

Me: You read my post today, what did I mean by nicknames?

Bro: I dunno…I forgot

Me: just think

Bro: The unsupporter?

Me: CLOSE ENOUGH! See! An avid reader of the blog knows what I mean!

Jack: Avid reader? You have one fan and it’s your brother! Relax!

As soon as I finish dealing with that…I get another call. I answer. Someone’s frantically yelling at me.

It’s my mommy friend from the spa day… she read the post.

CONCLUSION: How time flies! All this chatter and I didn’t even  have time to tell you about the magic flute.

I guess it will have to wait till tomorrow…


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