Kids with Kids

After reading yesterday’s “ Why a blog?” my husband said “it sounded like you had nothing to write, so you forced yourself to write that up” I have to add that he’s repeatedly told me “You’re eventually going run out of stuff to write about.” He earns his nicknames well… So I’ll tell you exactly what I told him. I’ve been studying practically my whole life. And like any student, I’ve spent countless hours in front of a computer trying to write up essays, sometimes without motivation or inspiration. There’s no way I’m doing that again!

Another interesting reaction was my mother in law. She reads my blog… and now she’s reading this and probably freaking out wondering what I’m going to say about her… lol  When I went over today, she said in a serious but playful tone “What’s happening to you ?! Why are you so stressed?! Stop worrying so much. Don’t you know you have us; we’re all here to help you.”  This meant a lot to me. She’s right. I have great support from both sets of parents. There’s not one day that goes by without us relying on them for something. These kids came into our lives so quickly that I don’t even think we had time to grow up. We’re basically kids with kids and this is our story…

So this week I’m in self-help mode. I’m trying to better organize our mess and I took a spa day.

I went to the spa with a good friend of mine who’s also a mommy. Well, she couldn’t stand still for one minute and could not keep quiet for the life of her. It was like taking a spa day with my four year old! (I told you if you didn’t stop I would blog about you. lol). It was hard for me to truly relax and disconnect. I must admit I was thinking about the kids throughout the whole massage. I kept trying to free my mind, but it was hard. Later on I fell asleep in one of the relaxation rooms and dreamt of the kids. 


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