I’m a hockey wife and my happiness lies in your hands.

Kids in bed, dish washer emptied and reloaded, kitchen floor swept, counters cleaned and  toys picked and still, there is much more that could be done but I’m going to stop. It doesn’t really matter how many chores you do, what matters more is how much time you spend with your nose dug into your baby’s neck.

Jack is watching the game and that’s my cue to blog. Beautiful weather out, I’m set up on the porch, blogging under the stars.

A1 was all set up to watch the game with daddy, little tinker bell couch was moved to the basement for the occasion. She didn’t last too long, she came upstairs.

“Why did you come up?” I asked her.

“Daddy’s really upset!” as she said that we both heard Jack yell some obscenity that she hopefully didn’t understand and will not repeat. It’s the playoffs, things get intense around here. He’s yelling right now. I can hear him from outside. Neighbors are going to think we’re fighting. I hope they don’t call the cops for domestic disturbance.

Home phone just rang. It’s 10 pm! It’s my mom; she dialed the wrong number, again.

Are we going to be this funny to our kids one day? I won’t make fun of my mom when it comes to technology because she’s pretty advanced. The other night I had a girlfriend over when she received a call from her mother. “What’s my cell phone number?” she called to ask her daughter. lol

It’s the phone again, it’s my mom. “I noticed today that you’re out of milk”.

Me: I know ma, they drank our 1 % today.

Same way, when we run out of toilet paper, we use Kleenex. When we run out of Kleenex we use a paper towel roll and when that’s all gone we bring out the pile of napkins saved from fast food restaurants. That’s pretty rough on the skin, so a couple of rounds on that and then we’re sure to remember to buy toilet paper. Well, last time we kind of cheated the process, I just grabbed a few rolls of toilet paper from my mom’s house when we were there to visit. I also raid their fridge once in a while. Ok more than once in a while.

We treat my parents in law with the same respect. One day last fall, Jack decided he was going to prep the yard for the winter. “I’m going to go buy a rake, need anything from the store?”, he left, came back with his rake… a few weeks later we were at his parents’ house when his dad asked “Jack, are you done with the rake ?”. Jack never bothered going to the store, he just went to his parent’s garage and took what he needed. His argument: “It’s closer”. Of course it is! we live two streets down!

The rake is just one thing among a long list of things we “borrow”. See how independent we are?!

I’ve got to go check on Jack, I don’t know what I’m going to do with him if we lost this game.

I tweeted our team goalie yesterday: “I’m a hockey wife and my happiness lies in your hands. Good luck tomorrow. Xoxo” Then I got in trouble with Jack. “You’re putting too much pressure on him!”

Should I apologize to the guy?


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