If you’re going to dream make sure it’s in color

I’ve learned that you can make things happen for yourself. Apparently if you are determined enough, the world could be yours. It’s kind of a scary thought… All I need to do is dream?

For now, yes.

It all starts with a wish, a dream.

When I was younger I dreamt of many things. My dreams came true. Surely, they were more basic things. Career, love, family… Now I have new dreams, different dreams.

What’s the point of calling it a dream if it’s going to be a realistic thing? If it’s realistic, then it’s not a dream, it’s an objective. I have the kind of dreams that makes people think “She’s dreaming in colors”.

Well, who wants a black and white dream?

A1’s dream is to fly. “I’ve prayed so many times to be able to fly but I’m still not flying.” She said.

What do you say to that?  “If you want to fly, then one day you will fly, you have to be patient” I told her.

What else am I supposed to say? The “truth” ? I put truth in quotations because what is truth anyways? It’s just a perspective. I’m not going to shatter her dream and tell her she can’t. I”m going to tell her she can. I’m always going to tell her she can.

Unless she’s asking me if she can sleep over at her boyfriend’s house at 16. In THAT case she can’t!

So what is this dream of mine? It’s pretty crazy…

If I share mine, will you share yours?


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