Teachers of life

Friday night, 10 pm and I’m being served imaginary coffee and yogurt by 5 year old A1.

And that’s only the first course.


I figured I could post something at the same time, but it’s turning out to be impossible.

I drink the “coffee” and get in trouble.

“There’s nothing in there!” She says.

She comes back with two kettles.20130830-223714.jpg

“Tea or coffee?”

I say: “Tea please.” She pours.

I drink.

“Don’t drink it yet!” she orders.

Grabs the cup from my hand. Then takes a moment.

She changes her posture, smiles and gently asks: “How many sugars?”

“Oh, two please.”

She puts two “sugars” and hands me the cup.

I’m not sure what to do anymore; I slowly bring the cup to my lips…


I stop.

“You didn’t mix it!” and she hands me a spoon.

Gosh, this is going to be long. I mix it, then I drink it.20130830-223933.jpg

She points at the plate of food in front of me and says “Now sit straight, take small bites and chew with your mouth closed!”

Waaaaaaaaaa? I’ve never ever ever said that!

She walks over to her play area and says: “I still have to put the baby to bed, wash the dishes and do the laundry!”

I watch her grab a chair and place it next to her doll’s crib. “This is for when I have to stay with the baby at night” she says.

I’ve placed a chair next to A3’s crib, so that I can sit there when I tend to her at night.

A1: “I’m going to pick up the toys because I know you’re too tired” She just said…

Me: “I’ll do it, don’t worry about it”

A1: “It’s ok, I want to.”

It’s been 17 minutes since I started this post and I’ve learned so much…20130830-223941.jpg

We know that they are learning every day, and if you let them, they can teach you every day.

They truly are our teachers.

She’s still talking and I need to concentrate on her, or else I’d be missing out.

Gotta go…


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