John, the other man in my life.

Parents know that having children totally changes your reality. Once you become a mommy you realize that there are so many things you took for granted before you had a baby.

It’s an extensive list:  A stretch mark free body, a car seat free car, the ability to pee in a public bathroom… ladies room


Nobody wants to sit on a public bathroom toilet, so we sort of do what we got to do without touching anything…until you have children, that is. This incapacity creeps up on you progressively. When you’re first pregnant everything is fine, the heavier you get the harder it becomes to hover over that toilet.

Jack keeps suggesting I use another word for toilet. Let’s go with John, the other man in my life.

By the time you’re 6 months pregnant your legs can’t handle that kind of strain and you end up forced to sit. Once you do, it’s over.

It’ll come back after I have the baby, we think.

Nope…it didn’t.

When you lose this ability you develop a new way of thinking when it comes to your bladder needs. All of a sudden you start thinking “If the bathrooms are decent here, then I should go now because I don’t know where I’ll be next”

It’s  the night of my 30th birthday and we’re out on the town. I take all the precautions necessary, but one thing leads to another,  I have a few drinks in my system and now it’s 2 am and I’ve ended  up in a dirty club bathroom looking down a very filthy John with an almost bursting bladder. There was no way I could touch that thing! What was I to do?!

I suddenly remember a move we’ve been practicing in the Baby-Mommy Yoga Class. The chair position, it looks like you’re sitting on an imaginary chair, just the move I need right now!

I look myself in the mirror; slap myself a couple of times, give myself a little pep talk, order my chakras to align, do a couple of sun salutations and go for it…

All I can say is….

Thank you Baby-Mommy Yoga for you have saved my 30th birthday.


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