Part 2: Saturday Night Special

So we’re blogging in parts now. I went up to find two year old A2 standing up in her crib with no pyjama pants or diapers on. She removed her pants and diaper and then proceeded to pee in the bed. ” I pooped” she kept saying, but luckily she confuses the terms. I put her on the toilet and changed her sheets while she ran back and forth from the bathroom to the bedroom over and over again. I washed her, changed her, and put her back to bed. She kept saying “I pooped”, I know it’s just an excuse to get her out of her crib at this point, so I showed her my pimple, lately I have bad acne, I don’t know if it’s the stress or the fact that I pass out before I can wash my face at night but I’m breaking out like a teenager. So I showed her a pimple and I said ” you see this bobo? Every time you don’t sleep mommy get’s one .” She pointed at it, then at another one,(cause there are many)  and asked ” this one too?”, “Yup this one too.” I replied, then I placed her in her crib and she just slept. I feel horrible now, poor kid, I can’t believe I’m already giving her guilt trips, now I’m officially a mom…
Jack asked me for a third time, he’s not really wondering, he just wants me to put the phone down . I told him I’m blogging  “I’m blogging, what did you think I was doing ? Sexting !?”.
I don’t know if that’s a word yet, sexting. This post officially has the word sex in it, I’m sure it’s going to break record views.
What were we even saying? Let me read back. I need a moment.
Ok I’m back, so I came back from the drive, got into bed and I suddenly hear a sniffing sound “sniff sniff” it gets louder and louder, it’s Jack, he’s sniffing in his sleep, he suddenly  pounces up on his hands and knees, sniffs the air around like a mad dog, violently digs his nose in my neck and says :”You smell like a man! Where were you?”.
-“Calm down! This is how Barbara’s car smells! Now warm me up I’m freezing!”
And even though he wouldn’t even come near me because of the smell, I still slept with a big smile on my face. A little sign of over protectiveness makes every girl feel special. I might never get roses but this is my kind of romance.
And turns out that smell was mahogany leather and mahogany teakwood.

Thanks Barbara!


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