The kids are asleep and  Jack is watching the game. I had to fight him for the laptop. It’s almost midnight and I really need to shower but I’m here instead writing this post.

So, three kids, a full time job, a part time job, a blog and now an online radio show. Do I know what the heck I’m doing…heck no. My first episode is this Thursday night and I’m still scribbling around on a piece of paper trying to figure it all out. What do I have planned so far?

  • A dance party

I just realized that’s all I have.

A dance party! that’s my idea for the show. It felt like a good idea at a certain time… but announcing it brings a different perspective to the idea. I am  doomed.

Well, however it turns out you’ll know that’s it’s real. I’m thinking of having a few shots before, during and after the show. One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor.We’re bound to have an interesting show….

After all, best way to learn is trial and error.

Ok enough self doubt! I sound pathetic!

I can do this! I CAN. I CAN. I CAN.

I must thank The Unclehood network for giving me this opportunity and for all the hard work they do.

Check out this fun promo they made for me.

Wish me luck.






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