Full sink and instant noodles. A real Sunday night.

It’s past midnight, kids are asleep and Jack’s eating instant noodles because I wouldn’t make him anything to eat.
It was 11:59 when he complained about being hungry and I wouldn’t make anything for him. It’s midnight! I’m tired! I work tomorrow ! So I told him : “You’re hungry? Go to your mom’s”. He usually comes To find me around 10 pm for a snack. Sometimes I’ll have friends over and we’ll count down to 10 pm: 9:58, 9:59, 10! And he usually shows up right on time, But today he missed his 10 pm slot, he was too busy watching the Chicago vs L.A game. Now that the game Is over he’s listening to every sports podcast available on the internet.
The sink is full, there are toys everywhere and now that Jack was in the kitchen, all the kitchen cabinet doors are open. I’m not stressing over all of this, I’ll get to it when I get a chance. What counts is that the kids have clean clothes for tomorrow and we’ll take the rest from there. The only way to make the most out of this life is to be in the moment. And in this moment my husband keeps glancing at me, I think he’s waiting for me to put my phone down.
Ill be a good wife and give him some attention. I owe him that much.


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