Dreams: It is by chasing them that we will catch them.

You create your own reality.
The hard part is figuring out what exactly it is that you want. Sometimes I feel that believing in destiny is taking the easy way out by hoping that someone else has figured it all out on my behalf. Take the time to dig deep and realize what your true potential is, what you would be the happiest doing. Once you’ve figured it out you’ll shortly realize that it’s already in your path.
Then again, if you’re not totally sure , or even better torn between a few dreams, make sure to still take the necessary steps towards them. One step is all you need to create a momentum. One thing will lead to another and sometimes, these actions will guid you through a new path where you just might discover a new dream or desire. It is by chasing dreams that we catch them. Dreams might change, and if you want a chance at any of them you have to include them in your actions.
Start with one step.
One action.
You don’t need any believers, you only need you.


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