A 15% Christmas

Chest nuts roasting over the open fire except We don’t have a fire place and even if we did who would lite it? Beautiful lights decorating the streets taking me on a guilt trip for not having opened the outdoor lights box I bought two years ago. People already sipping on hot chocolate while we’re all sipping on Amoxicillin .Christmas trees standing Tall in all of the windows reminding me that we haven’t put up our tree yet, entirely. We’re literally 15% there. My inner holy jolly Christmas spirit is being overpowered by the holy moly I’m exhausted mode. To all mommies barely making it, I wish you some sleep and an extra long shower for the holidays.
Take a look at this … A third of the tree with one single ornament hung by A2. That’s 15% wouldn’t you say?
Jack disagrees, he says 33%



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