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It’s Sunday night and as we wait for a new episode of Game of Thrones, I’m going to blog. I want to blog more often but I don’t want to do it knowing I’m taking time away from the kids or Jack.

We’re probably going to end up buying the seasons on Blu-ray because I rarely understand something the first time. I’m not stupid, I just easily get distracted. Ok maybe a little slow at times… I don’t know, the more I mature, the more I realize I really don’t know much. I’m always learning. Well, let me be the proof that smarts or no smarts, if you’re determined, you can make things happen.

I just came back from upstairs, A1 was crying hysterically, her knee hurt. “Growing pains” as we call them. I gave her some Tempra, much lower than the recommended dose; a small dose combined with placebo effect goes a long way. I also tied a scarf around her knee. Doing that helps lessen the pain (in my books anyways), it’s like rubbing your pain, activating the sensation of touch around your pain helps lighten the message of pain to the brain by keeping your nerves busy with another signal, kind of like distracting your brain from the pain.

Today, my parents watched the kids while Jack and I went to see a play. We got there late and missed the first 15 minutes of the play. I want to take the time to write about this play, so I’m going to do it in a post on its own.

“Structure” remember ?…

But this play does deserve a post on its own.

Episode is ready.

“Valar morghulis” to all fellow Game of Thrones fans.


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