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Beat the Voices Inside Your Head

I’m losing concentration…I can hear a TV on really low, but it’s not mine. Could I be hearing a neighbour’s TV ? I mean the houses here are pretty close together… What if it’s not the TV? What if I’m hearing voices in my head? Ok I’m getting paranoid again. My heart rate just went up a notch.


I’m closing my eyes and focusing on my breathing.  I suddenly forget what was bothering me and I move on. I just did it now and it’s worked so well that I don’t remember what was freaking me out in the first place.

So I’m going to look up and read.

Oh ya the noise. I just realized, it’s coming from my TV. I thought it was on Mute, but it wasn’t. It’s just really really low.

Oups. lol

You see how crazy we can get when our mind is not at peace.

I’m learning…

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