Red vs Blue

Ok Kids! Time for bed, it’s already 8:30 !

It’s actually 7 pm but they’re too young to read time and I’m really tired.

So for those who don’t know, I’m a mother of three girls. Let’s call them A1, A2 and A3. All their names start with A and end with A. We thought it was cute to name them in a common theme with similar sounding names. We were so wrong …it causes such confusion!

I’ll correct that and say I was so wrong to do that.  I can already hear Jack “It was your idea! I told you so…” blablabla.

Saturday night was our 5th wedding anniversary. We made plans to go out and it’s a big deal because his idea of romance is “I’m missing the hockey game for you!” We went out for a romantic dinner in a great spot. Turns out home team lost pretty badly that night. It took a little cheering up and the atmosphere turned out to be  great, alcohol and love were in the air and Jack seemed to be doing alright. During dinner, someone wearing the opposite team’s jersey walked by.( I have to add that there was a smart-casual dress code in effect). Seeing Jack’s face change I decided to be a supporting wife and I murmured a low but definitely distinct “booooooooooo!” as he walked past me on his way to the bathroom. Then, on his way back  I gave him a clear salt shaker motion two thumbs down and a louder “BOOOOOO!” … a few words were exchanged between Jack and the guy and we found ourselves a hair away from a fist fight.

The next day I made an effort to dress the kids in home team jerseys to support daddy.

See, you don’t need to know much about hockey to be a good hockey wife.


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