Lost and Found Baby

Just came back from the morning school drop offs. As I was driving back home I looked back to check if 6 months old A3 had fallen asleep in her car seat only to realize she wasn’t there! My heart stopped! I pulled over with a million scenarios going through my head. Did I leave her on the side walk somewhere?

I glanced over and saw that she was sitting at the other DSC05106end of the back seat in A2’s chair! I had put her there by mistake! The weird thing is that I even took the time to actually shorten the straps to tighten them. I was clearly distracted and not in the moment.

I took the time to catch my breath and wipe the sweat of my face, and thought “wow, that was an intense second and a half!”

She seemed tightly secured and had fallen asleep, so I continued my way.

It often happens to me to be lost in my thoughts and lose touch of the moment or do things automatically out of routine.  Just this week, I got in the car to head to the mall, but instead almost reached A1’s school before I realized I had taken the wrong route and never even thought about it.

Or the time I was struggling to get a pair of pants on A1 until she said “Ma! These will never fit; they’re my little sister’s pants!”

I could go on and on…

I’m realizing that we all do this; I’ve done it my whole life. But now that I have children, this is a time that I cannot get back. They will be small only once, so I better be in the moment!

After all, this moment is the only one that is real. The past is gone and the future is still a thought and everything else is a distraction.

So enjoy the now and be grateful for everything that has allowed it.


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