Jack the Wolf Slayer

I’m not on the pump tonight, yet I still only have one hand free.

A3 (3 months old) has developed this bad habit of only falling asleep while holding my hand. Ahh cute some might think, yes it’s cute until their little chicken finger nails sink into your skin. I don’t know how their nails get long so fast. Mind you, it’s hard to keep track of 60 finger and toe nails.  Try clipping the nails of a wiggling toddler.  You have to put them on your lap, squeeze them between your  elbows so they stop jiggling,  hold their head down with your neck to avoid violent headbutts in the face,  start singing songs to distract them, then it’s “look over there! A rabbit” they don’t care “look it’s Santa”, still don’t care so you’ve got to take the big guns out “Look! It’s the wolf!”  all the while you can’t even point because you have the clipper in one hand, you’re holding their hand with the other and you’re waiting for the slightest moment of stillness to clip a piece off. The wolf always works, but you can’t help but feel bad for scarring them. If you think about it it’s pretty bad, “the wolf” is here … in your house.  The wolf that blows down houses and devours little girls and their grandmas.


One evening when we were driving home, A1 was looking out the window and asked “Are there wolves in our country? “ I started to explain how they live in the forest away from urban life… Jack stopped me by putting his arm in front me, just like when you suddenly break and put your arm in front of the passenger, and  said “Yes, but Daddy will protect you from them” and he turned to me with a one eyebrow up look.

One night A1 had a nightmare, when I asked her what she saw, she explained that in her dream the flowers of the forest were suddenly turning black and wilting because the wolf was coming. Scary stuff…   A2 has bad dreams too, just this week she yelled out “No, No, No, No!” in her sleep. Maybe she was dreaming of the breast pump! (Dear readers, our first official inside joke!  If you don’t get it read the previous post) When it happens we can’t help but run into their rooms to comfort them.

A lot of sleep talking happens in this house. I’ve done my share too. Just a few months ago in my last weeks of pregnancy I yelled out “À l’aide !” in my sleep. I was dreaming that I was having the baby in a Tim Horton’s. That same week, in the middle of the night we heard A1 scream, not just any scream, the most horrific scream. I jumped out of bed and ran to her room with hundreds of hideous thoughts running through my head. I got there she was crying, I took her in my arms. She had had a bad dream but couldn’t remember it. Her scream had scared me so much that I was still shaking from it and my heart was racing. About 5 seconds later Jack comes running in. “What’s happening?! I don’t know what happened, I was in the closet!” A1’s scream was so loud that it had startled him out of bed, semi-conscious. He opened the first door he saw to run towards his daughter’s rescue. Instead he ended up in the closet.

So when the big bad wolf comes huffin’ and puffin’, we’ll know where to find our wolf slayer… the closet.


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