Creaming Butts

It’s almost 11 pm and the kids are finally all asleep. My hands are shaking and I can feel my heart beating in my chest and in my head. I just threw myself on the sofa with a sigh and decided that the cleanup and the dishes will just have to become a Saturday morning delight because I am done, finito, Kaput!

A few minutes ago A2 was chasing me around with an open jar of baby butt cream and a big lump of thick white cream on the tip of her finger. Her wish was to finally turn the tables on me and have MY butt creamed for a change. She didn’t have it!

Speaking of creaming butts, did you catch me on The Uncle Mike Show ?

Maybe I can figure out a way to link it…

It was totally obvious that he had never read my blog before, but the funniest part is when after the show was over, we went back into the office to watch the episode all together with his staff. When we were watching the part where he was reading the e-mails, one e-mail asked “When will we be hearing about an A4?” so in that moment Uncle Mike turns to me and asks “What’s an A4?”.

As that point his wife smacked him upside the head! “A1,A2,A3 are her kids!!!”

It was the funniest thing. I wish he had asked me that question on air!!!

The staff was amazing, they went the extra mile to make me feel comfortable, they’re all truly passionate about what they’re doing and are making sure it stays light and fun. Uncle Mike’s wife is such a gracious host and I must say that they are such real people. I loved the time I spent with them. And I’m not creaming butts here…I really mean all of this.



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