Big and Braless

Big and Braless

Tonight was a special night. I got to watch a movie all by myself. I can’t remember the last time I got to do that, just finished watching Antwone Fisher, a biography movie. I cried so much my vision is blurry and I can feel my eyes swelling up, just what I need to look even more tired! I must admit my daily life is starting to show on my face, my neighbour randomly walked up to me the other week to tell me how tired I looked and come to think of it, everywhere I go people offer me a seat or something to eat with a worried look on their face.

It is true that I don’t sit a lot, and eating…well we’re on survival mode with that. I always tell Jack that when I’m old and these kids are all grown up all I’m going to do all day  is sleep and eat, just to catch up to these times. I warn him “I’m gona get big baby, real big!”

My skin has become very pale, and I’m starting to have circles under my eyes. But I never leave the house without my little 35 second makeup routine. Those who say they don’t have time for makeup need to try this. It literally takes me 35 seconds or less to look alive again. I’ve had endless debates with moms about makeup, but I believe a small touch is necessary, it’s not about being fake or superficial, it’s about basic maintenance. It’s kind of like wearing a bra, basic maintenance.

The only person who sees me without makeup or a bra is Jack.

Well … actually… Jack and … and the bus driver.

See, back when I was a kid I took the school bus to school and every morning I would watch moms bring their kids from the home door to the bus door in their pyjamas, and they were all always braless. I guess it was too early and they were in too much of a rush to put one on, I thought it was gross and I promised myself never to be that.

I have failed myself. I have become just that. I take my child to the bus every morning in my pyjamas with no bra.

I have to stop doing that at least before I become the real big grandma I promised myself I would become. Big, old and braless… it’s going to be priceless, especially that I would’ve called it 40 years before.

Well, this is a perfect example of a post that went too far.

Watch out for the next post “Important message to moms: Keep your nails short and real it’s a question of life”




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