Feed husband first, blog later.

So the Christmas tree is back up, and what’s significant about it is that it was up when I first started this blog, and now we’re almost a year in. The moment we put the kids to bed Jack literally jumped down two flights of stairs and landed in the basement on the play button of the DVR. He’s got the TV on so loud I can hear everything from upstairs.

Oh my! I just realized he hasn’t eaten yet.

Got to go fix him something to eat!

Hopefully I’ll be back tonight.

And on cue, right this very moment, as I’m quickly finishing up this post he mutes the TV and starts yelling from downstairs “Julie! What are you doing?”

I love how he orders me around in question form. Pfft, “what are you doing?” we both know what that means!

I’ll be back.


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  1. At least you’ve both got your priorities straight!


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