Milk, Nipples and Quickies. First ever episode of JulieTalk Live

Just finished watching my first episode of JulieTak Live. It was recorded in studio last night and the producers just posted the link this morning for those who want to catch it. I must say that the live aspect of it is more interesting than I thought. For all those who were watching live, thank you for the support.JukieTalk

It took me a few minutes to decompress and relax but after the first ten minutes I think I was able to let go and just be myself.

I hope you’ll take the time to watch it, I must warn you that it’s an hour long, so make sure to be relaxed, with a cup of tea, bundled up on the couch while you do. Please don’t watch me on your i phone while sitting on the toilet, that’s creepy.


Heres the link to watch the first episode called : Milk, Nipples and Quickies.



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