Just a regular Saturday night thought.

Perhaps the time has come for me to start speaking from my heart. So much to say, so much to explain, but how to find the words? How to find the words to describe something that is undefinable. How to use man made words to describe what man is made of.

I’m going to try but perhaps it will lose some of its highness while translated into words. If you are reading this, try to maintain an open mind. In the end, if you truly understand the concepts explained and if you can bring yourself to this dimension of thought, beyond the shadow of a doubt, all of your desires will be granted.

Here we will speak of things beyond man and his material world. We are going to talk about the source of man, the source of life. Let’s agree from the start on what to call it. Some call it energy; others call it spirit, but most call it God.

Let’s start with God. What is God? Well to start off it’s a three letter word. I don’t think anyone can disagree till now. Then if said, it becomes a sound. Waves traveling in the air, just like any sound, waves of energy in the form of vibrations.

What is matter?

A chair, a table, my face… all essentially made from the same elements, Atoms, neurons and electrons in movement. It is that movement and the frequency of that vibration that makes these three tangible.

The only difference between sound and tangible matter is the vibrational frequency they’re on. Even our thoughts consist of the same thing, but differ from sound and tangible matter by having their own vibrational frequency. Basically, from the chair, to the sound of a squeaky chair, to what you think of the chair…it’s all the same.

Your thoughts exist, just as the chair does.

In order for your thoughts to become tangible, all we need is a shift in the energy controlling the frequency of the vibrations. Good thing this process is not instant, or else every thought that passed our minds would manifest itself into a tangible reality.

So how can one transform their thought, into reality?

Sure I have my theories, but today is June 14,2014 and I’m still in the process of understanding it all.





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