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“Stop saying you’re a Hockey wife, you’re not a hockey wife.”

Game 3 of the first round is over.

Jack is in one of these moods…

“Stop saying you’re a Hockey wife, you’re not a hockey wife.”

So he says that, then the press conference starts with the Team coach and I know better than to argue with him during something he really wants to listen to.

This is what makes me a Hockey wife. You don’t need to be married to a professional Hockey player, as soon as hockey enters your wifely role in any shape or form, you are a hockey wife. During the playoffs, we can’t put the kids to bed until the period ends… not only am I a hockey wife but our children are Hockey kids!

We’re still watching the press conference, now it’s the opposite team’s coach speaking. I try to listen to what he’s saying. I understand the words individually but have to clue of the general idea. I just look at Jack’s face to know what I should feel about what he’s saying.

Same way our kids look at us to decide of their own emotions. That’s why you shouldn’t flip out when you see a spider. I did that once and saw the fear on  A1’s face. To be honest I’m not even that afraid of spiders, I’m just afraid of what one might do with that spider. I rather get over the disgust and dispose of it myself, instead of being chased around the house by a certain someone holding the squished thing in a Kleenex threatening to feed it to me.



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What are you Afraid of ?

Everybody’s afraid of something. Sure we all fear the same things, death, war, ghosts… but then we have that little something that’s not supposed to be scary but still really scares us.

I’m debating wether or not I should disclose my mini-phobia. After all, this is the internet, and telling your weaknesses to the world can only lead to one thing: empowerment.

So what are you afraid of?

I’ll go first…


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