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My business is effort

My business is effort.
What does that mean? It means that all I have to do in this life in order to succeed is make the effort.
Make the effort and things will fall into place. Wishing, praying and positive thinking may or may not be efficient, but your effort is certainly efficient.
Excuses will pour into our thoughts in order to convince us not to do this effort, very valid points will arise proving why the effort should not be put in.
But it is up to us to decide on how bad we want the result.
The bottom line is simple , you are the only one who decides on your actions. God? God is busy with other things and has delegated this responsibility to you. Each one of us is in control of our own life, this is our gift from god.
Once you realize, believe and understand this, not much can stop you.
Looking forward to 2014.


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