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What Robin Williams’ death has to do with you.

Your friend posted something about Robin Williams and you read RIP in the comments and your heart skips a beat. You start looking at your social media network home page to see if anyone else is talking about this. Can it really be true? You find statuses pouring about the topic. Perhaps it’s another fake internet death so you search for more information until we have to face the truth that our favourite actor is gone. It hits home because we feel like we know him. We all grew up with Mrs. Doubtfire, and after all watching that movie at least a dozen times he ‘s become part our childhoods and lives forever. It’s not fair to describe his acting achievements with only one movie In which he cross dresses , but growing up whenever I saw Robin Williams in a movie I always thought of Mrs.Doubtfire. I’ll never forget my dad yelling to us from upstairs as we we’re playing in the basement “turn on channel 22! Madame Budwizer is on!” And we would laugh thinking we we’re so much smarter because we knew it was Doubtfire and not Budwizer .
Once you get past the initial shock of this man’s death , what I would really like us to focus on is the cause.
Experts are claiming that it was probably a suicide because he was severely depressed.
Let that sink for a moment . Severely depressed, endless awards, loved by fans, millionaire, successful …
Severely depressed.
I’m not going to try to describe depression , it’s causes and treatments in this single post , but I do want to raise some awareness about the issue. I also want to take the time to remind everyone that he had anything anyone could wish for, but he was unhappy. Take your grief for this man that we all loved and turn it into appreciation for all the good things in your life. Ambition is a great thing to have and it is good to want more , as long as we appreciate and are grateful for the present and everything that we have and are today. Seek happiness and love as much as you seek financial success. Invest your energies and appreciation into the present and live fully now not awaiting the next achievement . Robin Williams taught us many life lessons from his movies and now, in death he teaches us the biggest one yet. Appreciate your life, be happy with what you’re given and make the most of what you have.
Depression is a disease and it is not because we are rich and famous that we are spared from it. Although it doesn’t mean that we are ungrateful if we are depressed , gratitude is a means to reach happiness and happiness definitely helps avoid depression .
I know that, from now on, whenever I see Robin Williams on screen I will be reminded of the blessings in my own life and focus on being even happier today and now .
What better lesson could he have given us?
Thank you Mr.Williams and may you rest in peace.
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JulieTalk Live Episode 5

Click on the picture below to view JulieTalk Live Episode 5.

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June 13, 2014 · 1:58 am

My business is effort

My business is effort.
What does that mean? It means that all I have to do in this life in order to succeed is make the effort.
Make the effort and things will fall into place. Wishing, praying and positive thinking may or may not be efficient, but your effort is certainly efficient.
Excuses will pour into our thoughts in order to convince us not to do this effort, very valid points will arise proving why the effort should not be put in.
But it is up to us to decide on how bad we want the result.
The bottom line is simple , you are the only one who decides on your actions. God? God is busy with other things and has delegated this responsibility to you. Each one of us is in control of our own life, this is our gift from god.
Once you realize, believe and understand this, not much can stop you.
Looking forward to 2014.

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Dear Friend

You’ve been on my mind ever since I read your e-mail. Thank you for the updates and thank you for the congratulations.  On my end, life is hectic but I’m trying to make the best out of all situations, learning and growing every day. Everyone has reason to feel troublesome but know that happiness comes from within and therefor can never be lost. I just want to tell you to keep hope, and keep dreaming and wishing.

Sometimes we feel as though our dreams have not been fulfilled or goals not obtained, and then every time we think about these dreams or goals, our hearts fill with pain and our minds with fill with worry. I’ve learned that the best way is to be here in the now, appreciative and accepting of every single thing that is, emptying our hearts from pain and minds from worry. It took me many years to become this way, but as I said, every day is a step forward. I’ve learned that being here, now and constantly reminding myself of the things I am grateful for bring me in a state of bliss in which dreams can’t help but to manifest.

I might sound crazy, but I’ve learned more than I can handle these past few years. When a thought, dream or wish brings you to a blissful state, it is coming into your reality.

Be hopeful and happy, here, now.

Grateful and accepting, here, now.

And the world will be yours.

I love you, and wish that your dreams come true.

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Lost: 7 days of my life. Reward if found.

Kids are asleep and Jack is out for the night. I can’t sit in the TV room because I had the couches washed today and they’re still wet. The couches were in dire need of a wash, so is the rest of the house and each of us for that matter. So since I can’t sit in the family room I’m in the living room with my laptop. I tried watching shows but nothing can keep my attention or interest. In times like these I always end up looking at family pictures. I take many pictures, non-stop, all the time. Whenever something happens I run for the camera, “Again, the tourist!” complains Jack. But then, a few months later when I sit him down and show him the pictures and some of the video footage I have, his heart melts and he thanks me for recording all of it.

 Earlier when I was watching pictures from last year’s summer, I realized how the children had grown in such little time. I realized how much things have changed from one year to another. I realized it’s all right here in front of me, everything I could ever want, and everything I could ever wish for. Life is just unfolding and all I have to do is take it in and enjoy. How could I have been anxious, stressed or nervous? How could I have been distracted by petty little problems? How could I have let outside circumstances affect my mood, when all that matters is booming right in front of my eyes?

I had a hard week, filled with all kinds of emotions. Now, I feel guilty and filled with regrets.  I realize that I wasted my time feeling that way. I shouldn’t have let these circumstances affect me. I’m stronger than this. Nobody is going to give me my week back, it’s forever gone. How much more time are we going to waste on bad feelings and resentment. Every moment we spend feeling oppressed, jealous, sad or mad, is a lost moment.  To be happy is our one true life purpose and everyday away from happiness is one more day without a purpose.

So how do we get to our happy place? We’ve talked about this before. Start with gratitude, it doesn’t do the whole job but it definitely sets you up for it. I’ll start. I am grateful for this lesson, for now I will try to waste less time away from happy, no matter what the circumstance. Happiness comes from within, and therefor can never really be lost.



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Listen to the rain.

Make sure to take some time to listen to the rain . Teach your children to do the same. Take a moment , stop what you are doing and just listen.
In that moment , you will be in the moment . You will be present and more alive than ever.
If you don’t have time…
If we don’t have time to do nothing, how can we ever do anything?


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How to be in control of your emotions. Step 1: Breaking Free From your Body

We come into this world with no knowledge of it. We only know one thing, we know ourselves. We become children and learn more and more about simple realities of the world. Then we become fully informed adults. Fully informed about the realities of the world and we never stop learning.

All this knowledge of the world is great. But we seem to forget the first thing we ever knew.

We forget ourselves. We’re distracted by life and forget the true essence of who we are.

Look inside, explore. Who are you? Do you really even know?

I’m turning 30 this year and I’m still learning things about myself and I’m realizing that I still have a very long way to go before I can say that I know all that I am.

You know your mind, you know your body. Who are you aside of your body or of your mind?

Body and brain are matter, tissue, all physically tangible. What are you other than that?

We’re born aware of ourselves and then we lose this knowledge along the way.

A few months ago I blogged about how I wanted to break free of my body. How I didn’t want my body to decide for me how I should feel. How I didn’t want hormones, lack of sleep, work, stress or anything else to control me. I want to be in control of myself. I want to choose my emotions. I want to choose happy and that’s what I want to be.

I was seeking for answers.

When you seek, you usually find.

And I did.

I learned that looking inside you and connecting with the person you are within yourself can help you dissociate from your body.

Does this make any sense? Is anybody following? Do you think I’m crazy?

Basically I’ve found something that works for me and I’m sharing.

I assure you my hormones are still raging, my exhaustion is at a peak that I’ve never known before and sleep is relatively inexistent.

But I’m happy. Always happy.

We think that children have trouble dissociating what is real from unreal. While we’re actually further from the truth than them.

Step 1. Break free from your body by connect with your inner self.

“How many steps to this whole process ?”

I’m don’t know because I haven’t finished it.

“How do I connect with my inner self?”

That can be explained in a future post.

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Open Up Your Ears Secrets are Being Told

If your eyes are closed to the truth, then at least, open your ears.  Listen, secrets are being shared, advice is being offered, the wise are speaking of their experiences but the young are unable to focus for one moment.

Listen, without thinking about what you want to say next. Just listen.

Good advice can go a long way on one condition. It can only prove its worth when it’s taken.

Good advice is hard to take, because it means we have to do something someone else is telling us to do. We don’t like that. We don’t like that at all. Instead, we take the long way to do things. We make all the mistakes we need to make and eventually, sometimes, we succeed.

I’ve learned to listen. I assure you it took me some time. My overanalytical self would constantly question, mainly “why” and “how”. I’ve learned it’s better to take it in, honor it, apply it and then observe. You will find the answers to the “why” and “how” for yourself and it will be your lesson and take you one step closer to wisdom.

Note that, most of the time, good advice is free and comes from the mouths of our loved ones, through stories, songs, or even straight up.


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Stepping Stones

Sometimes I get anxious just thinking about everything that I want to do. I want to do so much, yet days are so short, weeks go by so fast and years just seem to be flying by.

Sometimes I wonder, why are we given so much motivation, so much drive and so much passion, when we might never have time to answer to all of those needs within this life span.

I think about it and I quiver. I really do. My hands are shaking from it right now.

Right now, I’m just trying to tame this feeling inside me. I have young children now, and I should be focused on them. Only them. They deserve it.

“Don’t worry about it now; you have your whole life ahead of you”

Makes sense. I’m trying to convince myself of that.

How do you make it big without making your children pay the price?  Is it possible to be a great mother and have a successful career all at the same time?

I’m seeking answers.

When I seek, I usually find. But before finding, I learn, I learn a lot.

Right now I’m still learning. I’ve learned that not many will want the best for you. Not many, if any, can be really happy for you. Genuinely, honestly, transparently happy for you.

One has to be in a very peaceful and balanced mind set, to be able to truly want the best for you and help you get there. It’s not that people are bad intentioned, it’s just that, they might not be there just yet. It takes a lot to want the best for someone as much as you want it for yourself.

While seeking for answers, I have to ask questions. My questions, such as this one, expose my weaknesses. My exposed weaknesses attract predators. Such is the law of nature.

People tend to use other people as stepping stones to get to where they want to get. I don’t mind being a stepping stone as long as you will turn around, and lend a hand to pull me up, once you’re up there. There seems to be more stepping, than pulling.

Be true to yourself, don’t get distracted, focus on what you want for yourself and not what others want for you. You’re idea of success, happiness, love or wealth can differ from another’s.

Decide what you want. Then go for it. Don’t wait. Time is passing by, oh so quickly.

Baby just woke up.

Gotta go!


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